Friday, June 9, 2017

Amazon Finally Provides All Time Sales Data...And a Wake-up Call

Wednesday night I checked my Amazon sales and saw Amazon had changed their graphs from line graphs to bar graphs.  That's not much of a big deal, but what was far more interesting was they finally after 8 years let you see sales data since the inception of your account, which in my case was 2009.  This was something I had been yearning for so I could get a better idea of what was selling and what wasn't.  I suppose I could have kept track myself but to do that I'd have had to start within the first 3 months and then keep track of it each month ever since.  This was certainly a lot easier.

It was a wake-up call to finally see the sales data from 2009 to April 2017.  Here are some interesting statistics:

I have 211 books on Amazon.  Eric Filler has 146, P.T./Patrick Dilloway has 47, and Ivana Johnson has 18.

The bestselling book:  Transformed Omnibus, Volume 1 by Eric Filler

Bestselling Book (P. Dilloway):  Where You Belong (yay!)
Bestselling Book (I. Johnson):  Time & Space

Top 5 Bestselling Books:
  1. Transformed Omnibus, Volume 1 by Eric Filler
  2. My Wife Changed Me Into a Pinup Girl by Eric Filler
  3. Regressions Age Regression Omnibus by Eric Filler
  4. Where You Belong by Patrick Dilloway
  5. Transformed Into a Pregnant Girl by Eric Filler
Top 5 Underperforming Books:

  1. Mortal Sins
  2. Virgin Territory
  3. When You Were Young
  4. Last Dance
  5. Chet Finley vs Machines of Fate

All by P.T. Dilloway (yay?)

But the Wake-Up call came when I broke the Eric Filler stories into two categories:  Erotica and Age Regression.  There are 91 erotica stories and 41 age regression stories and yet on average the age regression stories make about $50 more.  Though 3 of the top 4 Eric Filler books there are erotica titles, on the whole they don't make as much as the age regression ones, which is pretty much the opposite of what I had been thinking.  So maybe now I should focus more on those and less on the erotica books.


  1. Give the people what they want. It also could be a less saturated market.
    The upgraded sales data is great.

  2. Fantastic, Pat. Glad to see you are getting what you want from Amazon.

  3. Congrats on the sales Pat. I checked the Amazon page for "Where you belong" and your reviews are impressive! It looks like age regression is the way to go.

  4. That is interesting. I haven't dipped into my sales data yet, but it seems very useful. I also thought erotica would do better - like Cindy said, it's probably less saturated and less competitive.



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