Friday, June 23, 2017

Reader Ideas

For whatever reason Eric Filler doesn't get much fan mail even though I put my email in every book and on the Amazon profile page.  But here was an interesting piece of mail.  Not really a fan letter; instead it's a list of books I should write for...reasons.
Dear Mr. Filler,
I have a few suggestions for some books you should consider writing.
Changed into an Ancient Egyptian handmaiden 
Changed into a sexy mermaid 
Changed into a pregnant Australian woman
Changed into a Japanese woman
Changed into a Arab woman
Changed into her boobs

Some of those are kinda interesting.  An Egyptian handmaiden (or why not a princess or queen?) might be interesting, kind of like the flashbacks in the Brendan Fraser Mummy movies.  The mermaid one seems problematic.  I mean how does a mermaid have sex?  I guess if she gained legs and came on shore that could work; otherwise it'd just be weird. 

A "pregnant Australian woman?"  Why?  What does being Australian add to it?  And I've done plenty of pregnancy ones, including the latest novella Sympathy Pains:  Gender Swapped & Pregnant.  Changed Into a Japanese woman is kinda the same thing:  I've done the Asian woman story a few times, so I don't really see any point to narrowing it to Japanese.  Also, I'm not Japanese or Australian.

The Arab woman could be a little more interesting.  I have done that in a couple of stories, but there's at least some possibility there of becoming a woman in a repressive society.

The Changed Into Her Boobs is an interesting one.  I'm not sure you can make a good narrative from the point of view of a pair of boobs.  It is possible I guess.

I tried to thank this person but the email came back saying the address was invalid.  Since they didn't send any pictures or attachments I wouldn't think it was a virus.  Kind of weird to make up a fake email address just to send me that.

Anyway, as Bill Simmons used to say, "Yup, those are my readers."


  1. That guy has unusually specific requests. As for the mermaid idea I'll just reference Futurama: "Oh, why couldn't she be the other kind of mermaid, with the fish part on the top and the lady part on the bottom?" - Fry

  2. Strange the email address didn't work. Couldn't help laughing at last one.



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