Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Book Marketing That Worked...For Me!

In late August through September 8th I ran a giveaway on Goodreads for the Eric Filler novella The Comeback: Rock n Roll Gender Swap.  Besides on Goodreads I advertised the giveaway on my blog (both Eric Filler & PT Dilloway), on social media, and in the Eric Filler newsletter.  By the end I had about 400 entrants; in the last hours the number really skyrocketed as I guess people looking at the "ending soonest" took notice.  In the end all it cost me was about $13 to purchase two paperbacks and send them to the winners.

And in return the response was really good.  Much better than many recent efforts.  In the first three weeks it made over $250 just in purchases--I'm not sure how much the pages read will come out to for Kindle Unlimited readers.  So for my $13 investment I got a tremendous return.

I don't believe in shelling out hundreds of dollars for advertising on websites and such, but this was definitely a low-cost venture that paid off.  I'll probably have to try it again with something else.

You can still get it for $3.99 on Kindle or $5.99 in paperback!


  1. I see you got some good reviews too. That's great! In general, a lot of the advertising is too expensive. For example Bookbub gave me access to their click ads. Well, I found out each click costs a minimum of $1. That means if someone doesn't buy your book after clicking on it, you still have to pay $1. Not sure how one can make a profit on that model unless you have a entire series or back list and people buy more books. But can you count on that? You could lose a lot of money figuring it out.

  2. Nicely done! Great to see you putting out new work and finding success in marking. But above all, it's good catching up with you again! :)

  3. Fantastic news, Pat. I hope more success like this heads your way.

  4. 400 entries! That's awesome! It looks like you found a formula that works

  5. Excellent !
    I'm really glad to hear it worked out for you !



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