Monday, October 30, 2017

Spooky Halloween Reads!

Last year I posted a list of Halloween gender swap books I'd written.  Some of those might be free right now.  I forget which ones.

Anyway, here are the ones for this year:

For eight years Sam, Dean, and their cameraman Malik have explored haunted houses around the world. On Halloween night, they go to a house in northern California that was the site of an infamous triple-murder of three young women 50 years ago. As they explore the house, they find themselves transported to the night of the murder as the three young women who were killed. Will they manage to change history or are they fated to repeat it?

WARNING: Contains graphic violence and sexual situations

And there's also this:
35 years ago Vance Williams and his friend Cindy went into a spooky old house on Halloween--only Vance came out alive. Now Vance is back in town to sell his parents' old house. But on Halloween night he finds himself being drawn back in time, getting younger and girlier until inevitably he will be forced to relive the night his friend died.

They're each $2.99 or FREE with Kindle Unlimited


  1. Interesting and spooky plots for these interesting stories.

  2. Aging backwards and turning to a girl would be my worst nightmare!



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