Friday, October 26, 2012

BIG Announcement

We Are Now Cover
I've tangentially mentioned that I've been working on a project with Neil Vogler for the last month or so now.  By this point he's probably announced we're doing something called the Flash Fiction Festival in conjunction with December House Publishing.

As the name implies it's four weeks in November with flash fiction every weekday from Me, Neil, and Sean Craven.  That's over 60 stories in all!  They cover all sorts of stuff.  I'm just going to tease the ones I did:

  1. An intergalactic Gordon Ramsey takes on his newest project
  2. A shocker in the Fantasy Love League
  3. The city's best noir accountant gets a new client
  4. The frustrations of being a female yeoman on an Enterprise-type ship
  5. A soldier tries to make it back for one last dance
  6. A bulldog mascot helps someone find true love
  7. Time travel gets dangerous for a conman
  8. A meeting of supervillains turns deadly
  9. The dead have rent videotapes?
  10. A vampire has had enough of the stereotypes
  11. A story of boy meets girl...but the girl is a dragon!
  12. On a planet of robots, one dreams of becoming a Transformer, with disastrous consequences
  13. A trip to the dentist turns deadly!
  14. A pair of socks hold the key to the Sox making the playoffs
  15. Godzilla goes on vacation to Japan
  16. A young goddess combats bullying
  17. Fairy tale land's best divorce lawyer takes on a new client
  18. Christmas brings together two warring sides during WWII
  19. A man sick of sharing his birthday with the JFK assassination takes drastic steps
  20. God decides to finally retire
  21. Two young witches are brought together to fight evil
  22. Timeless love and reincarnation at Starbucks
(BTW, it turns out only 20 of these will be posted in November.  I don't know which 2 are being dropped from the rotation.  Those two, plus one other I haven't written yet will be included in the eBook version as "bonus" material.)
Meanwhile, on this blog I'll have a whole prequel series of Scarlet Knight flash fiction!  Kind of like those old serials, it's a series of short connected stories that tell how the Scarlet Knight and Black Dragoon came to be.

The "Volume 0" is inspired by DC Comics, who have twice printed #0 prequel issues for like all their titles.  Since this is before Volume 1, it's Volume 0!  Wow.

BTW, I know people hate Sims so here's the prototype cover with real people:
Maybe that would have looked better if I'd cleaned it up a little, but it would have cost me like $13 to buy the images.  Nuts to that.  Say what you want, but Sims are FREE!

Anyway, if you're looking for a break from Nano writing and people blathering about Nano writing, there's going to be a ton of flash fiction to read every weekday in November!

You might wonder:  how does that affect this blog?  Excellent question!  The trivia question will air at its normal time--November 14 at 9am EST.  The rest of the normal stuff--Two-Fer Tuesday, Phony Photos, Comic Captions, Practical Superheroism, Everyday Heroes, Thursday Reviews--will go on hiatus until December.  I'm sure you'll miss them as much as I do.

BTW, if you want my "autograph" or virtual autograph really, you can now go to Kindlegraph and request one from Yours Truly.  Exciting stuff!

The excitement begins November 1, so until then get ready for Halloween with a creepy Phony Photo...


  1. Sounds exciting. I can't wait to read it. Boy all the red has me seeing Republicans everywhere. You need more blue!

    1. Well genius it is called the SCARLET Knight. When I write a story about a blue knight then you can have more blue.

  2. So she's a Republican, that's what you're saying?

    Now the question is whether I want to read all this background stuff before I've read the actual thing.

  3. Sounds like you blog is going to be jumping in November.

  4. I'm amazed you wrote all those.

  5. Interesting list of stories.



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