Friday, October 19, 2012

The Blog Tour Concludes!

A quick reminder that my blog tour concludes today and tomorrow on two of Briane Pagel's blogs:

I'm sure not as many people blog on Saturday but you know you can't miss talking about cheeseburgers!
Don't forget, one commenter on each blog will win a free copy of the book in PDF format!

And let me say if anyone else wants me to guest post on their blog, just let me know!  As you can see, I try to tailor my posts to fit your blog, so long as I'm familiar with it.  I'm not really a fan of one-size-fits-all type guest posts.

Thanks to everyone who's bought the book so far!  If you want a copy, it's available in eBook through my publisher and also Amazon, B&N, and other retailers.  A print version should be available in a couple of months.  I'd say early 2013 is more realistic than this year.  When they tell me, I'll tell you.

And of course thanks to Michael Offutt, Laura Diamond, Rusty Carl, Stephen Hayes, and Briane Pagel for hosting me all this week.  You rock!

Monday is another Phony Photo...


  1. You're more than welcome to solicit me the next time you have a blog book tour, just so you know. And again, congrats on your release! :)

  2. It was a good day. Also gave me a reason to post. Although I apparently double committed that day. But hey, it all worked out. I had more visitors than normal that day anyway.

  3. I'll be tuning in for the cheeseburger comparison, although I'd be worried about Briane's reaction if your book turns out more favorable than cheeseburgers. We all know how he feels about cheeseburgers.

  4. You're setting the bar pretty high comparing your book to a cheeseburger. How Wimpyesque! I'll have to check this out.

  5. Hey PT,

    Must check you out on that blog tour of yours. And cheeseburgers has made me think of "Big Crap" burgers. All the best and happy writing.


  6. Congrats on the blog tour, I love cheeseburgers, coke, guiness, smoking, coffee, cheesecakes, chocolate, fruitcake topped with whipped cream washed down with a few shots of whiskey everything thats so good for me.

  7. Dang. A customized/personalized post for every blog. I'm absolutely impressed. Rusty did your cover, right? Looks fantastic.

  8. Btw, I left you a Shout-Out on my blog, just so you know. :)

    1. Actually, you left a shout-out for D.T. Pilloway, LOL.



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