Monday, October 1, 2012

Phony Photos 3: Lady in Red

The last two weeks I posted Sims I made of Val, a character from a novella I recently wrote.  This week, let me introduce Val's partner Kari.  Guess what her favorite color is?

Look at that, you've got the red hair and the red sweater and the red lipstick.  A lot of red going on there!  Except for the cat-green eyes there.  I do have red eyes I could have given her but that would have been weird.  That hair is really shiny too, like in a shampoo commercial or something.  At this point in the story Kari is a secretary and the lower-cut sweater there is supposed to help convey she's the hot girl in the office.  Yeah, baby!  You probably wouldn't guess she ends up becoming an archaeologist.

Tuesday is not one but TWO Two-Fers!!!


  1. Red hair and green eyes almost seems like a cliche these days. But I love the way the red hair shimmers just so.

  2. At least they're not purple or gold.

  3. Pretty...and your version of Sims seems to have more hair options than mine. I want that hair for my Sims!

    1. As long as you have the PC version you can just go to and download stuff all you want. I also use a lot because it's really easy to download stuff. It also helps to have this WinRar program to unzip files.

  4. I've only known one real red-haired, gen eyed girl. I had such a crush on her. Nice job Pat.



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