Sunday, February 10, 2013

Box Office Blitz Week 5 Results: Trifecta Trifecta!

Well last week I crowed about how I got the trifecta--all three movies in proper order.  So of course this week I failed miserably and 3 other people scored the trifecta.  That'll show me.  Those people would be Rusty Carl, Tony Laplume, and Michael Offutt.

My mistake was seriously underestimating stupid Jason Bateman comedies--because like every other Jason Bateman comedy since the 80s had failed.  But I guess a lack of anything better in February allowed this to succeed beyond anyone's expectations.

The final results were:
  1. Identity Thief $37M
  2. Warm Bodies $12M
  3. Side Effects $10M

My sad picks were:
  1. Warm Bodies $18M
  2. Silver Linings Playbook $10M
  3. Side Effects $8M
I do get 50 points for Warm Bodies and 100 points for Side Effects.  So that's 150 points for me.

Now to the trifectas:
Rusty Carl had:
Identity Theft - $20 mil
Warm Bodies - $17 mil
Side Effects - $10 mil

That's 300 points for Rusty.

Michael Offutt finally played for real and guessed:
Identity Thief 18 mil
Warm Bodies 15 mil
Side Effects 13 mil

That's 300 for him.

And Tony Laplume had:
1. Identity Thief ($25 mil)
2. Warm Bodies ($11 mil)
3. Side Effects ($10 mil)

300 for Tony.  Now since the final box office was $37M, Tony also wins the round since he bid higher than Michael or Rusty.  So a total of 800 for Tony.

As for the other mere mortals:
Andrew Leon had:
Identity Thief -- $24m
Side Effects -- $16m
Warm Bodies -- $12m

He gets 100 for Identity Thief and 50 for transposing the other two.  That's 200 overall.

Briane Pagel had:

Warm Bodies $13 mil
Side Effects $12 mil
identity thief $10 mil

That's 50 for each one for a total of 150.

And Donna Hole had:
Identity Thief
Warm Bodies

That's 100 for Identity Thief and 50 for Warm Bodies.

Now as for the bonus question.  I asked whether the bottom three movies would make more or less than the $8M last week's brought in.  The bottom three were:
Argo $2.5M
Django Unchained $2.3M
Bullet to the Head $2M

So that's $6.8M which would be LESS.

Rusty and Andrew both guessed less.  I flipped a coin and it came up on Andrew.  So he gets the 200 points for the bonus question.

The updated scores:

5 Total
Tony Laplume 800 2000
PT Dilloway 150 1950
Andrew Leon 400 1400
Rusty Carl 300 750
Michael Offutt 300 400
Stephen Hayes 0 250
Maurice Mitchell 0 250
Donna Hole 150 200
Briane Pagel 150 200
David P King 0 200

2250 7600

So Tony has taken over the lead, but by a mere 50 points.  Andrew is close behind.  The rest of y'all have some catching up to do.

Next week I can almost guarantee you can make 100 points minimum.  I mean I think we can all guess the #1 movie next week.  Yippie ki yay motherfuckers!

Tomorrow is Comic Captions!


  1. Dammit! The one time I get things kinda right and I still lose out, and even lost out on the bonus question.... AND I even guessed the third place movie's dollar amount EXACTLY!! I know, right?

    Whatever, as time goes on, I'm sure my skills will help me rise to the top.

  2. I am in the exact spot I typically occupy: second to last. When you are second worst, you can comfortably slack off, knowing all the criticism will be directed at the worst place finisher and you will be left alone.

    Second-last: the comfy chair of life's results.

  3. I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up here, but I'm surprised "Identity Thief" is doing so well. After all, it is based on an old Friends episode where a delightfully chubby woman steals Monica's credit card and identity.

  4. Woohoo: I'm still playing.

    Next weekend, I hope to watch one of these movies. I don't know whats playing at my local theater - Tinsel Town, Chico,CA. My 14 year old son usually dictateswhat movie we see and that depends on what is playing that intersts him, and I should get my tax refund by next weekend.

    I hate seeing movies on a budget.


  5. I think part of what helped Identity Thief do so well was the huge controversy of critic Rex Reed being a jerk about star Melissa McCarthy. It gave her sympathy, plus she's apparently that much more awesome in movies than she is on TV.

  6. Tony is rocking this game. I can't believe I forgot to submit for this. Now I'm even further behind. Is there a standings chart Pat?

    1. I keep track of it all on an Excel sheet on my home computer.



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