Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Superhero Trivia for Dummies

In case January's question wasn't easy enough, February's question is much easier!  In fact, it's impossible to get this question wrong, although one answer is righter than the others.  So here we go:

What color is the Scarlet Knight's armor?
A.  Scarlet
B.  Scarlet
C.  Scarlet
D.  All of the Above

The first one to answer the obvious gets a $5 Amazon gift card.

The Andrew Leon Rule is no longer in effect.  It's anyone's game now!  Probably Andrew's, but trying to beat him to it should be added motivation.

So good if you need it.

Tomorrow I review something!


  1. I almost said A.. but then I realized, it's really D...

    So, D: All of the Above.

  2. Oh, this is so hard . . .
    Can I just copy what Rusty said? (;

  3. I'm leaning towards A but my first response is usually wrong so I'll go with D.



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