Sunday, February 24, 2013

Box Office Blitz Week 7 Results: Ooops! My Bad.

Well, as expected the results of this week's were rather unpredictable.  And I realized I made a mistake.  "Escape From Planet Earth" came in third this week and I forgot to list it as one of the entries.  So I'm giving everyone who played this week an automatic 100 points (except me) for my goof.  We cool?  I'll try not to let that happen again.

Anyway, the numbers this week were really, really weak.  I can attest to that as I went to the theater Sunday afternoon to see Die Hard 5 and there was no one in the entire place when I came in--not even employees!  Only a half-dozen people were in the theater with me by the time the movie started.  Was it the weather?  I don't know.  Maybe just a craptacular selection.

The results were:
  1. Identity Thief $14M
  2. Snitch $13M
  3. Escape From Planet Earth $11M

I guessed:
  1. Snitch $20M
  2. Safe Haven $18M
  3. Identity Thief $13M
That's a mere 100 points for me:  50 each for Snitch and Identity Thief.  I guess I didn't anticipate how weak the box office would be.

Rusty Carl guessed:
1. Dark Skies - $21 mil
2. Snitch - $20 Mil
3. Die Harderest - $17 mil

That's 100 points for Snitch plus the standard 100 point bonus.  200 total!

Maurice Mitchell guessed:
1. Identity Thief - $13 million
2. Die Hard 5 - $10 million
3. Snitch - $9.5 million

That's 100 for Identity Thief and 50 for Snitch plus the standard 100 point bonus. 250 total!

Andrew Leon guessed:
 1. Identity Thief - $15m
2. Snitch - $14m
3. Die Hard - $13m

So with the 100 point standard bonus Andrew gets a trifecta!  300 points!

Briane Pagel guessed:
1. Dark Skies: $10m
2. Snitch: $9m
3. Die Hard $8m.

That's 100 points for Snitch and the 100 point standard bonus.  200 total!

Current Leader Tony Laplume guessed:
1. Identity Thief ($14 mil)
2. A Good Day to Die Hard ($12 mil)
3. Snitch ($10 mil)

That's 100 for Identity Thief and 50 for snitch plus the 100 point standard bonus.  250 total!

Lastly, Stephen Hayes guessed:
Die Hard...$15 mil
Beautiful Creatures...$9 mil
Snitch...$7 mil

He gets 50 points for Snitch and the 100 point standard bonus.  150 total!

As for the bonus question, I challenged you to guess who would win the short feature (live action) winner.  The winner was "Curfew" and the only one who guessed it is Andrew Leon.  Now since the winner of the round can't win the bonus question too then no one gets the 100 points and so it gets rolled into next week's question.

Tony Laplume is still atop the leader board.  Andrew Leon has now moved into second place.  I really need to get on my horse and make some better picks.  I've been in a funk since I got a trifecta.  I guess I'm paying for my hubris.

Box Office Blitz


7 Total
Tony Laplume 250 3050
Andrew Leon 800 2400
PT Dilloway 100 2250
Rusty Carl 200 1100
Maurice Mitchell 250 800
Briane Pagel 200 600
Michael Offutt 0 400
Stephen Hayes 150 400
Donna Hole 0 200
David P King 0 200

1950 11400


  1. Yeah, I tried to go to the movies this weekend, but we all agreed the choices weren't worth it. Die Hard, Escape Planet Earth, Dark Skies, Identity Thief. We almost went to see Hansel and Gretel, which was my choice, but the others weren't interest. So our vote was to wait for DVD.

    I wonder how some of these movies - remake after remake - earn so much money at the box office.


  2. I would participate...if only I went to movies. I tend to see a few movies later when they come out on Roku.

  3. I don't see this turning into a paying job for me.



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