Friday, February 15, 2013

Box Office Blitz Week 6

Last week three people got all three top movies in exactly the right order. Unfortunately one of those wasn't me so now Tony Laplume is atop the leaderboard by a mere 50 points.

This week I can guarantee you that everyone can get a minimum of 100 points pretty much for showing up.  I mean the #1 movie for this weekend is pretty freaking obvious I think.  Unless there's some kind of natural disaster or something.

Here's the movies in my local theater: (* means new release)
A Good Day to Die Hard*
Beautiful Creatures*
Bullet to the Head

Escape from Planet Earth*
Gangster Squad
Hansel & Gretel
Identity Thief
Parental Guidance

Safe Haven*
Side Effects
Silver Linings Playbook
The Impossible
Warm Bodies
Zero Dark Thirty

As I said, I think the #1 movie is pretty freaking obvious this week.  Of course last week I had zero confidence in "Identity Theft" and it about doubled the #2 movie last week.  So maybe I'm not the super-genius at this that I think I am.  I really don't know anything about the other two movies being released.  I really have no idea then if they'll do anything or not.  My guess is not, but clearly I've been wrong before and will be wrong again.

Anyway, my picks are:
  1. A Good Day to Die Hard $50M
  2. Identity Theft $18M
  3. Warm Bodies $9M

Now you make your picks in the comments.  Make sure to include dollar amounts as it's very likely that will have to be the tiebreaker this week, just like last week.

And now for a bonus question worth an extra 100 points to someone who guesses correctly.  Make sure to include that in the comments too.  Here's the question, another (MORE or LESS) question:

Last weekend the top 3 movies earned $59M roughly.  Will the #1 movie this weekend make MORE or LESS than that $59M?

Results as usual will be posted Sunday afternoon, so if you can find time, check back to see where you are in the standings.  Good luck!


  1. 1. A Good Day to Die Hard ($45 mil)
    2. Identity Thief ($25 mil)
    3. Safe Haven ($20 mil)

  2. Die Hard: $40mil
    Beautiful Creatures: $25mil
    Identity Theft: $20 mil

    And in answer to your tie break - more

  3. Hmmm... I didn't know a new Die Hard was out. I'm too oblivious to play. Living in my own little world. lol

  4. Bonus answer: less.

    1. Die Hard: $39m
    2. Safe Haven: $30m
    3. Identity Thief: $22m

    Are you running strict weekend totals or holiday weekend totals? I don't know enough about how imdb does it to know if this going to be just F/S/S or if it's going to be the extended weekend.

  5. I have no idea except my teen said to see Hansel & Gretel. I was going to take child 2 to see Jack and the Bean Stalk, which looked cool to me. Maybe it's not named that. Maybe it's not out yet. Maybe it will suck since it's not even on the list....

    Die Hard again? Really?

    1. Jack the Giant Slayer...apparently it's out in March.

  6. 1. Die Hard $30 million
    2. Beautiful Creatures $12 million
    3. Side Effects $10 million.

    Tie Breaker: Less.

  7. My predictions for the weekend...
    1. A Good Day to Die Hard $55M (Die Hard always opens big)
    2. Identity Thief - $20 million (The comedy is going strong)
    3. Safe Haven - $30 million (Long weekends always bring out the romantics

  8. Beautiful Creatures 20 million
    Silver Linings Playbook 11 million
    Escape from Planet Earth 10 million



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