Sunday, April 7, 2013

Box Office Blitz Week 13 Results!

One of the problems with managing a game like this is things can happen that you hadn't planned a contingency for.  In this case it's that there was a TIE between the #2 and #3 movies.  At least at present "The Croods" and "GI Joe" both have $21.1M.

Here's how IMDB shows it:
  1. Evil Dead $26M
  2. Croods $21.1M
  3. GI Joe $21.1M
I'm not sure if they're just putting Croods and Joe in alphabetical order or if the one is slightly ahead.  Anyway, I hadn't really counted on this situation so I guess the best thing to do is to say whether you had Croods or Joe for #2 or #3 you'll get the 50 point bonus.

Which is also a self-serving rule because then I can say I technically have a trifecta!  My picks were:
  1. Evil Dead $35M
  2. GI Joe $25M
  3. Croods $20M 
I get 100 for Evil Dead for sure and then 100 each for the other two for 300 points total.

Michael Offutt guessed:
1. Evil Dead $28 million
2. G.I. Joe $20 million
3. The Croods $19 million

He also gets 300 points.

Rusty Carl guessed:
GI Joe - $25 mil
Evil Dead - $19 mil
The Croods - $13 mil

He only gets 50 for Joe since we know it's not first.  Also 50 for Evil Dead.  But 100 for Croods.  So that's 200 if you can do the math.

Maurice Mitchell said he was copying me so I guess this week that was a smart idea.
Evil Dead $37M
GI Joe $25M
Croods $21M

That's also 300 for him.

Andrew Leon guessed:
1. Evil Dead -- $27m
2. GI Joe -- $20m
3. Croods -- $18m

That's 300 for Andrew.

Briane Pagel guessed:
1. Jurassic Park $25 mil
2. Evil Dead $20 mil
3. Croods $19 mil

Jurassic Park came in 4th with $18M so 0 points for it.  50 points for Evil Dead and 100 for Croods for 150 total.

Tony Laplume guessed:

1. Evil Dead ($22 mil)
2. The Croods ($20 mil)
3. G.I. Joe Retaliation ($19 mil)

I guess he was righter than everyone else technically so not only will he get the 300 points but he will also be declared the winner of the round and get the 500 point bonus.
As for the bonus question, I asked whether I would hold on to 3rd place or if Rusty would pass me.  Only Andrew believed in me, and since I retained 3rd place (and slightly increased my lead over Rusty) he will get 300 bonus points.

And now here are the updated standings:

Box Office Blitz


13 Total
Tony Laplume 800 5400
Andrew Leon 600 4450
PT Dilloway 300 3350
Rusty Carl 200 3150
Briane Pagel 150 2000
Maurice Mitchell 300 1700
Michael Offutt 300 1700
Stephen Hayes 0 700
Donna Hole 0 200
David P King 0 200

2650 22850


  1. But I was the rightest for the #1 spot. Just sayin'.
    It's a pain trying to pick when none of the movies are going to actually perform all that well.

  2. I'm sorry I didn't believe in you. I repent my ways. Stupid Jurassic Park, winning me over with its 3D. I will never trust the third dimension again. I am going to go flatten myself down to just two D's. Or should I try to move UP to five, or even six? Have you ever seen a six-dimensional girl? Woooeeeeee, as Jed Clampett - a man who knows his dimensions-- would say.

  3. I think I do better when I don't play.

  4. Ha! It's a lot easier when I don't have to think.



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