Friday, April 12, 2013

Killing Time With Box Office Blitz: Week 14!

The results for last week were something of a debacle thanks to a tie for second between "The Croods" and "GI Joe."  Let's hope nothing like that happens this week.

Anyway, just to remind you of the rules, you guess which three movies will rule the box office this weekend.  For each one you guess right you get 50 points.  If you get it in the right position you get 50 bonus points.  And if you win the round you get 500 bonus points.

Now then, here's the list from my local megaplex (* indicates a new release):

  • 42*
  • Admission
  • Evil Dead
  • GI Joe:  Retaliation
  • Identity Thief
  • Jack the Giant Slayer
  • Jurassic Park 3D
  • Olympus Has Fallen
  • Oz the Great & Powerful
  • Quartet
  • Safe Haven 
  • Scary Movie 5*
  • Silver Linings Playbook
  • Spring Breakers
  • The Call
  • The Croods
  • The Host 
  • The Place Behind the Pines*
  • Trance*
  • Tyler Perry's Temptation
I will guess:
  1. Evil Dead $20M
  2. Croods $18M
  3. 42 $12M
Now it's your turn to guess in the comments!  Plus don't forget to answer the bonus question (why you people don't is beyond me.  I mean it's practically free points!) which is:

Last Week "Jurassic Park 3D" (the rerelease of the 1993 movie in 3D) came in 4th with $18M.  Will Jurassic Park stay in the top 5 this week or will it fall below that?

Remember to answer that in the comments with your picks.

Results will post on Sunday!


  1. Sweetie, who has been "helping" me, albeit not very successfully, is 100% certain that Scary Movie will be number one. So let's go with that:

    1. Scary Movie, $30 million
    2. The Croods $18 million
    3. 42, $10 million.

    I will go with NO, Jurassic Park will fall out of the top 5 this week, and my reasoning, for which I assume I get extra credit by providing it, is this: Remember how I said I'd never trust the third dimension again? I'm sticking with that. I am SO OVER YOU, third dimension.

    *gets drunk, waits until 2 a.m., calls third dimension, leaves rambling whiny message about wanting it back, remembers nothing in the morning, eats "Froot Loops."*

  2. *Later on, the third dimension plays the voice mail for all its friends and they have a good laugh over a pint of ale.*

    (Yes, the third dimension is British.)

  3. Weekend forecast:

    1) 42 will make 19 million.
    2) Scary Movie 5 will make 16.5 million
    3) The Croods will make 14 million

    Jurassic Park shall not remain in the top 5.

  4. 1) Scary Movie 5 - $20 mil
    2) 42 - $18 mil
    3) Evil Dead - $15 mil

    Jurrasic Park will NOT be in the top 5.

  5. 1. 42 16 mil
    2. The croods 13 mil
    4. Scary movie 5 9 mil.

    There I just guessed by mixing things up.

  6. Jurassic not only will not be in the top 5, it may not be in the top 10, though it may -just- hang in there since there are no real strong openers.

    1. Scary Movie 5 (really? there are 5 of these now? I still haven't seen the first 4 (of course, I'm not likely to, either)) -- $22m
    2. 42 -- $18m (only because of Ford)
    3. The Croods -- $14m

  7. No one's giving any love to "Trance" or "The Place Behind the Pines"? Watch them both place in the top 3. Or maybe we'll end up with a 5-way tie for 1st just to screw everything up.

    1. That's probably because no one has heard of them or knows what they're about.
      Which is not me, of course.

    2. I didn't know what Place Behind the Pines was until last night when I saw a commercial on FX. It features Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling so maybe women will go to that just to swoon over them on the screen together. I love the commercials for "Trance" where the bad berets someone for screwing up his "simple" plan wherein they hypnotize James McAvoy to steal a painting for them. Because any plan involving hypnosis is ridiculously uncomplicated...riiiiight.

    3. You know, I'm not actually sure those are in wide release, yet. Or, maybe, it's because they're small, independent films? They're not playing in the main theaters, here.

  8. 1. 42 ($22 mil)
    2. Scary Movie 5 ($18 mil)
    3. The Croods ($15 mil)

  9. Jurassic Park will stay in the top five.

    #1 The Place Behind the Pines $20 mil
    #2 Olympus Has Fallen $17 mil
    #3 Jurassic Park 3D #12 mil

  10. I have it on good authority that the order will be:
    Evil Dead $40

    Jurassic Park had great reviews like IGN, so I'm going to it'll make more than last week.



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