Friday, April 26, 2013

Who's Ready for Box Office Blitz Week 16?

Almost everyone got a trifecta on last week's, so I guess the pressure is really on now.  Though this week seems like one of those more difficult weeks.  Do you think Tom Cruise's Oblivion will remain at #1?  Will something new take over the top spot?  Will something old reclaim #1?  I really don't know.  The good thing about next week is the #1 movie is pretty freaking obvious.  It'll just be picking #2 and #3 that will determine who wins the round.

If you still don't know the rules of the game, you pick the top three movies at the box office and how much they will make.  For each one you get right you get 50 points.  If you get it in the right position you get another 50 points.  If you win the round you win 500 extra points.  Pretty simple, until it's not when you get movies that tie and such nonsense.

Here's the list from my local megaplex (* denotes a new release)

  • 42
  • Admission
  • Arthur Newman*
  • Evil Dead
  • GI Joe:  Retaliation
  • Identity Thief
  • Jurassic Park 3D
  • Mud*
  • Numbers Station*
  • Oblivion
  • Olympus Has Fallen
  • Oz the Great & Powerful
  • Pain and Gain*
  • Quartet
  • Scary Movie 5
  • Silver Linings Playbook
  • The Big Wedding*
  • The Company You Keep*
  • The Call
  • The Croods
  • The Host 
  • The Place Behind the Pines 
  • The Sapphires
  • Tyler Perry's Temptation

(Honestly I haven't heard of any of those new ones except Pain & Gain.  I am so out of touch with the indie scene.)

 As I said, it's kind of a tough call here.  I'll go with:
  1. Oblivion $25M
  2. Pain & Gain $20M
  3. 42 $10M
And now a bonus question worth 100 points.  Include your answer with your picks in the comments for a chance to win.  (The winner of the round is not eligible to win.)  Here's the question:

Last week's #5 movie GI Joe: Retaliation made $5.76M.  Will this week's #5 make MORE or LESS or the SAME? (Same seems unlikely.  I'm just saying.)

And now for a BONUS bonus question.  Hardly anyone responds to me on Twitter, so when I posited a question, I'm not surprised I didn't get an answer.  Which is lucky for you people.  Anyone to participate in this poll gets 100 bonus points.  Even the winner of the round.  OK, here it is:

I recently got a new used computer and downloaded the Sims 3 to see if it's any better than the Sims 2 I like to make characters on.  So, which Stacey Chance looks better?  The one on the left or the one on the right?  

The results should post Sunday afternoon.


  1. 1 Pain & Gain 30 M
    2 Oblivion 15 M
    3 42 9.5 million

    I think the one on the right looks better.

  2. I'm going with:
    1. Pain and Gain - $21
    2. Oblivion $20M
    3. 42 $12M

    The true story behind "Pain & Gain" is so shocking I can't believe they made it into a comedy. If it fails I'd be happy.

  3. I'm going to go with the one on the left's hair looks better, the one on the right's face is (slightly) better but all of those Sims characters are creepy, the way Dreamworks' animation characters are creepy, too. Have you noticed? I have. Dreamworks' people give me the willies. And the boys won't watch them, generally.

    Anyway, after missing last week, I'd better get down to work. I'm going

    1. Oblivion $20 mil.
    2. Pain & Gain $19 mil.
    3. Mud $15 million.

    I didn't know what Mud was at first and thought it might be a cool horror movie but then Sweetie said it's basically "Stand By Me," and then I saw another commercial for it and now I'm not sure what it is, but it has Matthew McConnagughgeyaeryary (I give up spelling people's names) so it'll probably do good.

    Next week I will get to see Iron Man 3 on my anniversary celebration, marking the 3rd time that Sweetie and I have seen an Iron Man to celebrate our wedding. It's like Marvel is thinking of us!

    Bonus question: LESS.

    1. Nothing says romance like Iron Man.

      I'll have to see if I can download some hairs and such to make the Sims 3 one look slightly better.

  4. Going backwards, the one on the right looks better but only just.
    (I'm not on twitter, so... yeah)

    This week's #5 will make less.

    I think the top two are going to be close, but I'll go with
    1. Oblivion -- $20m
    2. Pain & Gain -- $18m
    3. 42 -- $15m

  5. Oh, wait, Briane chose "less," can I change my guess to "more"?

  6. 1. Pain & Gain ($22 mil)
    2. Oblivion ($20 mil)
    3. 42 ($12 mil)

    The new image is less creepy than the old image.

  7. Oblivion - $22 mil
    Pain and Gain - $20 mil
    42 - $13 mil

    I'd say Less

    And I can't say I love the sims characters that much, it might require another game engine before they can render those people a bit better. But between the two I think I like the one on the left. For sure has better hair. But she seems like she has more personality too.

  8. The one on the left strikes me as more approachable.

    I say less.

    #1 Oblivion $19 mil.
    #2 42 $$13 mil.
    #3 Pain and Gain $12 mil.



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