Sunday, June 2, 2013

Box Office Blitz: Week 21 Results!

Well it looks like the only thing that can stop Will Smith's run of hits is teaming with M Night Shymalan.  Maybe this is the final nail in M Night's coffin.  Which really should have been "Lady in the Water" but maybe he has some naked pictures of studio executives somewhere.

Anyway, the top 3 this weekend were:
  1. Fast and Furious 6 $34.5M
  2. Now You See It $28.1M
  3. After Earth $27M
My crappy picks were:
  1. Fast & Furious 6 $50M
  2. After Earth $40M 
  3. Hangover 3 $30M 
That's 100 points for F&F and 50 for After Earth.

Offutt picked:
1) Furious 6 @ 38 million
2) After Earth @36 million
3) Now You See Me @23 million

That's 100 for F&F6 and 50 for the other two for 200 total.

Pagel picked:
1. Will Smith in "Too Bad Oblivion Took The Better Name For This Live-Action Wall-E remake", $45 mil.
2. 6 Fast 6 Furious, which is how all of those should be named. $40 mil.
3. Hangover 3,

That's 50 for After Earth and 50 for F&F6 for 100 total.

Maurice Mitchell picked:
1. Fast & Furious 6 $45M
2. Now you see me $30M
3. Hangover 3 $25M

That's 100 for F&F and 100 for NYSM for 200 points

Andrew Leon picked:
1. F&F 6: $40m
2. After Earth: $35m
3. Now You See Me: $20m

That's 100 for F&F and 50 for the other two for 200 total.

And Cindy Borgne picked:
Fast and Furious: 41 million
After Earth 32 million
Now You See Me 20 million.

That's 100 for F&F and 50 for the other two for 200 total.

No trifectas this week.  Between the four people with 200 points, Offutt was the closest on F&F's take, so he wins the round.  The bonus question I asked whether Now You See It would make more than Burt Wonderstone's puny $10.3M opening weekend.  Obviously it did.  The winner of the 400 points is Andrew Leon.

So the updated scoreboard is:

Box Office Blitz


21 Total
1 Tony Laplume 0 7700
2 Andrew Leon 600 7550
3 PT Dilloway 150 6150
4 Michael Offutt 700 5000
5 Rusty Carl 0 4850
6 Maurice Mitchell 200 3900
7 Briane Pagel 100 3600
8 Stephen Hayes 0 2000
9 Cindy Borgne 200 1500
10 David P King 0 200
11 Donna Hole 0 200

1950 42650

Unless Tony Laplume plays next week, he's probably going to be toppled from the leader spot.  And since Rusty didn't play this week, Michael Offutt has taken over 4th place.  Can't win if you don't play, people.


  1. "Can't win if you don't play, people" was what Vince Lombardi's lesser-known little brother, Vic Lombardi, used to tell the folks down at the Bingo parlor, Saturday nights, before the big Packer-Bears games of the 1960s. Back then, Green Bay was a more blue-collar place, the kind of place where cigarette smoke from unfiltered "Marlboro" cigarettes hung low over the pool tables at Gus's Tap.

    Vic would stop at Gus's on Saturday nights, watch the smoke grow thicker and thicker, lower and lower, as he ate his burger at the bar and drank two beers, no more, feeling the residue of last Saturday's smoking tarring up the bar under his fingertips and the residue of last Saturday's burger and two beers, tarring up the belly that pushed a little over his belt, now that he was 42.

    Sometimes Vince would stop in, track him down there.

    "Gina said you'd be here," Vince would say. He'd pat Vic on the back, and Vic would want to ask him for twenty, just to get him through to the next Monday, when maybe there'd be some work unloading the ships that almost never stopped at Green Bay anymore. But he knew what Vince would say.

    "Work for it," Vince would tell him, and Vic would imagine himself, handing towels to Hornung and Starr and Nitschke, those guys the same ones that used to beat him up in high school, practically -- different names, but the same guys, twenty years younger than him now.

    Back then, Vince would find him, sitting by the back wall of the school, nose bloodied, books torn apart.

    "The Good Lord gave you a body that can stand most anything," Vince told him after one particularly bad occasion. "It's your mind you have to convince."

    Vic had dropped out of school after that, went to work on the docks, followed Vince to Green Bay and lived down the street from him. Gina and Vic lived in a one-room apartment above the garage of a man who loved the Packers more than anything.

    Vince would hand Vic two tickets to the game. "Don't sell 'em," he'd say, and Vic never dared. But he never went to the games, either. He'd go call the bingo games for the church, the two tickets to the home game, right behind the bench, right behind Vince, riding in the pocket of his plaid shirt. After the last round, after the church had all the bingo money and had given out all the donated prizes, Vic would sweep up the hall, turn out the lights, and drop the tickets into the trash can as he went out.

    "If it doesn't matter who wins or loses," he'd mutter to himself, "Then why do they keep score?"

    At home, Gina would be asleep, but she'd roll over when Vic lay down next to her, and pat his head, and kiss him on the end of his nose.

    "Did you have a good night?" she'd ask. Vic always assured her that he had.


  2. I'm surprised that After Earth is in the running. That guy's been coating on fumes for years. LOL Vince Lombardi



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