Friday, June 7, 2013

Box Office Blitz: Week 22

Well, this could be the week we finally get a new leader.  Andrew Leon trails Tony Laplume now by a scant 150 points.  It seems Tony is abdicating his throne given that he hasn't played in 2 weeks.  For those of you (like Offutt) who complain about it being rigged, just remember this is only Week 22 and in theory we have 30 more weeks to go.  We're not even halfway done yet, people!  So there's still plenty of time to catch up.  And with this week's stinktacular crop of new movies, someone could definitely pull off an upset.

Anyway you should know the rules by now.  If not, just look up the first week's post.  Though the prizes have been updated for 2nd and 3rd place.

Here's the list of movies from my local megaplex (* denotes a new release) Which incidentally the theater I use for this has 30 screens but oddly as "summer" movie season heats up there are fewer and fewer titles it seems like.  I suppose because the new releases get so many screens allocated for them it forces out any smaller or older pictures sooner.

  • 42
  • After Earth
  • Epic
  • Fast & Furious 6
  • Iron Man 3
  • Mud 
  • Now You See Me
  • Oz the Great & Powerful
  • Star Trek Into Darkness
  • The Big Wedding
  • The Great Gatsby 
  • The Hangover 3
  • The Iceman 
  • The Internship*
  • The Purge* 
  • What Maisie Knew
  My picks this week will be:
  1. The Purge $25M
  2. Fast & Furious 6 $18M
  3. The Internship $15M 
Last week "After Earth" flopped pretty hard.  Bonus question for 300 points:  Do you think "After Earth" will make MORE, LESS, or EXACTLY $10M this weekend?

Answer the bonus question along with your picks in the comments.  Scores will be updated on Sunday.  Will Andrew Leon take over the #1 spot?  Will Michael Offutt solidify his hold on 4th place and start to make a push for 3rd?  Will I stop asking stupid rhetorical questions?


  1. My box office predictions are:
    1) The Internship at $21 million
    2) Furious 6 at $20 million
    3) The Purge at $15 million

    Bonus: After Earth will make less than $10 million this weekend.

    It's nice that Tony has chosen to give us a chance to catch up. He's got quite a lead. But I don't think I can catch Andrew.

  2. I'm also going to go with The Internship at #1. The Purge looks more than stupid.

    1. The Internship -- $22m
    2. The Purge -- $20m
    3. F&F6 -- $15m

    It looks like After Earth, with its $100m budget (why are people still paying M. Night to make movies?), will be one of (if not THE) the biggest flops of the year. I'd say less than $10m, but Michael guessed that, so I'll say just more than $10m. Maybe, I'll get lucky.

  3. While "The Purge" looks good, I'm guessing most people want to laugh right now.
    1. The Internship - $25m
    2. The Purge - $20m
    3. Fast & Furious 6 - $15m

    After Earth will make slightly less.

  4. Fast and Furious..$21 mil

    The Internship...$17 mil

    The Hangover III... $12 mil

    After Earth is being panned so badly it won't make ten mil.

  5. Wait, is this rigged? Offutt wouldn't lie, would he?

    "The Purge" looks incredible. I am willing to overlook the silly sci-fi premise that likely could not happen as an organic evolution of current society because it looks so great. I am even willing to overlook that Ethan Hawke is in it, as I might finally forgive him. (HE KNOWS WHAT HE DID.)

    Anyway. I also think "The Internship" is going to flop.

    1. The purge $20 mil
    2. Fast & Furious $10 mil.
    3. The Internship $9 mil.

    I'll go "UNDER," on the bonus question.



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