Sunday, June 23, 2013

Box Office Blitz Week 24 Results

I have to admit I'm a little surprise "World War Z" didn't completely tank.  I guess people who love zombies will watch them no matter how stupid the movie looks.  But still like Prometheus last year it was no match for the kid's movie.  Really I'd wager kid's movies make up half the yearly box office anymore.  I guess there aren't enough entertainment options at home.

The top 3 was:
  1. Monsters University $82M
  2. World War Z $66M
  3. Man of Steel $42M
The pretty much 66% drop for "Man of Steel" might cool WB/DC's heels on rushing out sequels.  But probably not.

Anyway, my picks were:
  1. Monster University $70M
  2. Man of Steel $50M
  3. World War Z $40M
That's 100 for Monster U and 50 each for the other two.

Michael Offutt picked:
1) Monsters University = $92 million
2) Man of Steel = $65 million
3) World War Z = $60 million

That's also 200 points.

Andrew Leon picked:
1. Monsters U -- $80m
2. World War Z -- $55m
3. Man of Steel -- $48m

That's a trifeca!  And he's also closest on Monster U so he wins the round (again) and gets the 500 bonus.

Rusty Webb picked:
Monsters U - $75 mil
Man of Steel - $50 mil
WWZ - $45 mil

That's also 200 points.

Stephen Hayes picked:
Monsters U $60 mi
World War Z $45 mil
Man of Steel $35 mil

That's a trifecta for him!

Maurice Mitchell picked:
1. Monsters U $61 mi
2. World War Z $46 mil
3. Man of Steel $35 mil

That's also a trifecta!

And Briane Pagel picked:
1. Monster U, $50 mil
2. WWZ, $46 mil
3. Bling Ring $20 mil

Which is 100 each for the first two, 200 points total.

For the bonus question I asked if World War Z would make more than Prometheus's $51M.  The answer was obviously yes.  Appropriately Michael Offutt won the 222 points.

The updated scoreboard is:

Box Office Blitz


24 Total
1 Andrew Leon 800 9550
2 Tony Laplume 0 7700
3 PT Dilloway 200 7250
4 Michael Offutt 422 6247
5 Rusty Carl 200 5200
6 Maurice Mitchell 300 4500
7 Briane Pagel 200 4300
8 Stephen Hayes 300 2500
9 Cindy Borgne 0 1500
10 David P King 0 200
11 Donna Hole 0 200

2422 49147

Without Tony Laplume around, Andrew Leon is running away with it now.


  1. Andrew must spend a lot of time at the movies.

  2. Not really, although I did see a few the last couple of weeks. However, I do follow movies and pop culture and stuff.

  3. Hey, where am I? I picked on Friday. NOT WELL of course but still I was in there trying. Have I been blacklisted? Is this the New NEW McCarthyism? Have you no shame, sir? At long last, have you no shame?

  4. Should've looked that quote up, first. Have you no DECENCY? That's what I meant to say.

    1. OK, I added it. I did at least remember to put your 200 points on the scorecard.

  5. Well at least I got the order right. I didn't think MU would have that big an opening.



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