Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Comic Trivia 6/13

OK, class is in session for another edition of Comic Trivia, where I pull a random question from 1001 Comic Book Trivia Questions by Rich Meyer and then give you the answer so you can learn a little bit of comic history to impress your friends and enemies with.

Here's today's factoid:

Q:  What Hanna-Barbera comic book character asked readers to join Kellogg's Vulture Squadron in comic book ads?

Here's a little music for you to think by:

That's not a hint.  It just seemed appropriate.
A:  Dick Dastardly

Um, yeah, that guy...


  1. Dastardly from "Dastardly and Muttly"? That's surprising!

  2. Sorry, but if you're throwing out clues I'm not catching them.

  3. I was going to go with "Jabberjaw."



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