Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Phony Photos: June

From the SIMply the best calendar it's June's page.  This is the last to feature Stacey Chance, more or less.  Hooray, you survived that!

On the left is Stacey in her "punk schoolgirl" outfit with bright red pigtails and a schoolgirl costume.  She's not a stripper or anything; she just dresses that way to rebel against The Man.  Though she used to be a male police officer so in a way she was The Man, which means she's rebelling against herself!  Also at this point she's barely 5 feet tall, so people are always mistaking her for a kid and she figures, "Why fight it?"  (Which is the same reason I shaved my head, because if I'm going to be bald I'll do it on my terms, damn it.)  But on her wedding day she cleans up pretty nice, as you see on the right.

And here's what it would have looked like if I'd used the Sims 3:

Since everyone wants to talk about their insecurities, I always feel insecure trying to make ethnic Sims.  Not so much black ones, because those fairly easy.  White and black are the ends of the spectrum so they're pretty easy.  But if I want to make Asians, Arabs, Indians (either kind), or Hispanics it gets tricky figuring out which shades to use.  It would have been so much easier if they had a drop down box where you could choose a character ethnicity to take some of the guesswork out of it.  It would be good too if you could choose the height and weight so not everyone is the same size.  Maxis/EA should really consult me before they release the Sims 4 next year.

Tomorrow I review something!


  1. I feel the same way about baldness. I'm not wearing a "half-fro". Those SIM pics are pretty cool, especially the SIMS 3 one. Are you planning to use that for the next calendar?



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