Saturday, June 1, 2013


In case you didn't realize it, all the Scarlet Knight books have been on sale for 99 cents throughout May.  It's now June 1, but since I'm lazy and I don't know what my "publisher" of the first one is doing, you probably still have time this weekend to get the whole series for 99 cents apiece.

Once I get around to raising prices and they go into effect, they'll be back to $3.99 per book.  Except for this month, volume 2 Time Enough to Say Goodbye will remain 99 cents.  That way on the off chance you read volume 1 last month (or are reading it), you can buy volume 2 for a low price.  Then in July you can buy volume 3 for 99 cents and so on until the end of the year.  Maybe that will help me sell more copies.  Probably not.

If you don't know, volume 2 picks up the action 18 months later.  Dr. Emma Earl gets a lead on people who might have killed her parents 13 years earlier.  At the same time, a girl named Marie Marsh is working with the mysterious Watchmaker to create a time machine.  When this is actually successful, Emma finds herself in an alternate universe where her parents are alive.  But as a new threat emerges, can Emma risk losing her parents a second time in order to save the world?

And if you're a total cheapskate, you can get 4 books for absolutely FREE!

Dark Origins (Tales of the Scarlet Knight Volume 0):  This is a prequel to the Scarlet Knight stories that tells how Merlin the wizard creates the Scarlet Knight's armor in order to save the world from the evil Isis and her henchman the Black Demon.

Forever Young (Children of Eternity #1) by Claire Lachance: A little girl wakes up on an island in the Atlantic with no idea who she is or how she got there. The people who find her give her the name Samantha Young. Samantha is then introduced to a town full of children like her with no memory of their lives before arriving on the island. Samantha soon sets her mind to finding out who she is and where she came from.

First Contact (Rebirth #1) by Eric Filler: Captain Lisa Shaw and the crew of the Explorer are taking humanity’s first steps outside of the solar system. They arrive at their destination only to encounter an alien ship bent on destroying them and all other life in the galaxy. Now Lisa and the survivors of her crew have to find a way to escape from the aliens and warn Earth.

Chance of a Lifetime (Chances Are #1) by P.T. Dilloway: Detective Steve Fischer was as tough as they come. Then he goes to the scene of a robbery and winds up being injected with an experimental drug before he's shot by notorious gangster Artie Luther. But Steve doesn't die. Instead, the experimental drug causes his body to regenerate as that of a young woman. Now as she tries to adjust to her new life, she sets her sights on repaying Luther.

So plenty of reads available for very little!  What's your excuse for not buying in?  (Except not having an ereader?)

BTW, if you tell Amazon the above four books are free and use those links above, then eventually Amazon might make those books free on their site.  Why they need so much prompting I don't know, but it's irritating.


  1. They need so much prompting because they are a big business and manage millions of books and have only a few employees to maximize profits for shareholders.

  2. For the best chance of going free on Amazon, make sure the book is free on Apple and Barnes and Noble. That's the only way I was able to do it.

  3. I still can't figure out Offutt's stance on corporations.

    Anyway, I mentioned you in a tweet just now. When society gets around to adopting my idea that we all get a solid year off to just read books, I might get caught up to everything you've written. I didn't realize when I berated you for not writing anymore that you'd already written EVERYTHING.

  4. Hope your promotion was a success. Very nice books on that list



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