Friday, September 14, 2012

Insane Rambling & A Beauty Contest

My insanity reached new heights a couple weeks ago when I got a new scanner/copier/color printer (thanks Amazon!) and some photo paper from Wal-Mart.  I needed something to test the photo paper on so just for grins I decided to print out one of my character portraits from the Sims 2.  And actually they don't look half-bad.  They look better on 4x6 paper than the 8x10 just because there's less pixelation.

Anyway, looking at this, what really annoyed me about what I printed out were the eyebrows.  They looked like she had caterpillars glued to her forehead.  So then I thought, "Why don't I go download better ones?"  Hurm...

So I went to the one website to download some non-caterpillar-looking eyebrows and remade the character I'd printed, who looks pretty awesome, at least I think.

Then I got to thinking, why haven't I ever bothered to create a new Emma Earl Sim based on all the spiffy new stuff I downloaded?  Yeah, really, how could I forget something like that?

OK, so now for the beauty contest portion.  Which Emma do you prefer:

The original model:
Original Emma
Or new, possibly improved Emma?
New, possibly improved Emma!

And while I'm at it, which Stacey Chance do you think looks better?  This one with caterpillar eyebrows and longer hair:

Or the new, possibly improved Stacey?
New, possibly improved Stacey!

Vote now!

You know I was actually thinking I should go work up a bunch of these and find some art gallery to post them as like an art show.  It's better than a lot of "art" I've seen hung in galleries.  I mean at least my portraits are vaguely real-looking and not just a line on a canvas or soup cans painted funny colors.  Take that, modern art!  First though I might just post a bunch on another blog.  Maybe I could even let you people vote for your favorites.  Not that you will, but you could.  I'm just saying.

(I need to get more sleep.)

The next post, barring any more insane rambling, will be Tuesday!


  1. First Emma, second Stacey. IMO. I would never have the patience to mock these things up.

  2. I like caterpillar eyebrows Emma. Maybe it's because of her hair and where it's placed. I can see more of her face.

    And I like both pictures of Stacey. I don't know Stacy's character traits, though. If she's a funny person or one you want others to like, maybe the second one would be better.

    If you would like to show her as a serious person, maybe the first one will work.

    She has an innocent look in the second one.

    By the way, I like your page design. I like the border texture and the soothing yellow.

  3. I like the original Emma and the second Stacey Chance because you have a better smile there.

  4. Tough choices Pat. I'd say the first pic of Emma is better and the second of Stacey. Both good though. Nice job.

  5. I like the new improved versions, but I'd like to see a bit more light beneath the eyebrows so the eyebrows don't merge with the shadows.

  6. Greetings PT,
    Yes, lucky you, it's me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star! I rather prefer the original versions of Emma and Stacey, but it's close. Have no idea why, but Emma has given me this incredible urge to fly over to North America and have a burger at Wendy's!
    Your starstruck doggy fan, Penny...

  7. I seriously dislike the creepy smiles on all of the images. The less of that the better.

  8. Those are so cool. I need to get that.

    I like the first one of Emma better, and the second of Stacey. :)



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