Monday, September 17, 2012

New Feature: Phony Photos

Friday I posted some of my Sims portraits and then said maybe I'd start a blog or something.  Then I remembered I had plenty of space on this blog.  So here we go, every Monday--unless there's a guest post or something--you get a picture and a description.

The temptation was to start with the main character from A Hero's Journey, but I posted a couple pictures of Emma on Friday.  So I'll do something completely unrelated.

This is Val, a main character in a novella I wrote recently.  In this picture she's about 13 years old.  What I like about it is I think she has just the right amount of geekiness for this point in the story between the glasses, freckles, hair and clothes.  The hair and clothes I think also work for the time period, which is supposed to be like late '50s or so.  From this picture, you probably wouldn't guess that she ends up becoming a bad-ass soldier, right?

What do you think?

Tomorrow is another Two-Fer...


  1. Awesome. Now I have to admit, Sims kind of creep me out, but that might be in part to discovering that, back in HS, a girl created a Sim character based on me. I'm still not sure if I should think about what she had that character do ... :/

  2. Bad ass soldier indeed! She looks like a book geek!

  3. Pat that looks perfectly like an old High School photo. Hard to believe she could fight anybody! It works.

  4. You are most certainly right; based on this picture I'd never guess Val would become a bad-ass soldier.

  5. Was there actually geekiness back then or was that look the norm? No, she doesn't look fierce at all, but we probably all have warriors inside of us.

  6. I would not have guessed the badassness. I bet Monday photos will be great fun.



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