Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Superhero Trivia Question #5

It's the second Wednesday of the month and so today is the superhero trivia question.  I'm taking these from 1001 Comic Book Trivia Questions by Rich Meyer.  If you have a problem with the question or answer, it's his fault.

This one is going to be super easy.  I even gave you a hint with the picture.

Which famous character's first line was:  "Let's face hit the jackpot, Tiger!"
A.  Gwen Stacey
B.  Mary Jane Watson
C.  May Parker
D.  Lois Lane
E.  None of the Above

Answer in the comments.  First one to get it right gets a $5 gift card to Amazon in their email or Facebook.  If you aren't first, never fear!  One respondent will be selected by random number generator to receive a $1 gift card.  Yes, you can give $1 gift cards.  Buy yourself a cheap eBook or MP3 or use it to get a dollar off something else.  The winner for this will be announced tomorrow.  The same person cannot win both gift cards because while that would be more convenient for me it wouldn't really be fair for everyone else.

Also I've decided on what I call the "Andrew Leon Rule" where the same person cannot win the trivia question each month.  So if you win this month you won't be eligible to win the $5 for another 3 months (until November).  But you can still win the $1 participation prize.  Briane Pagel is disqualified for winning July's question and the aforementioned Andrew Leon is disqualified for winning August's.

Good luck!!!

Tomorrow I review Forever Young by Claire Lachance...


  1. Replies
    1. Yay! Now I hope I can send Amazon gift cards to the UK.

  2. Though I quite like the idea of Aunt May saying that to, well, anyone. Aunt May: Cougar. There's a comic that wouldn't get a lot of sales...

  3. Drat! This is 6:00 AM in Arizona time. Good quote too. Ugh Neil. That image won't leave my head anytime soon. LOL

  4. Aunt May should have said it. If I recall my Spidey history then MJ was a bit of a beatnic talking egotistical girl early on.

    I like the nice girl thing better.

  5. Although as I noted during my series on the X-Men omnibus, Marvel seemed to use the term "tiger" fairly indiscriminately in the early Marvel Age. Jackpot indeed.

  6. I wouldn't have gotten this one, I think. But my guess would have been Mary Jane. I just didn't have my life together at all this morning. Congrats to Neil.

  7. I'd only be guessing and it would be much better if someone won for actually knowing the answer.

  8. I think I would have guessed Mary Jane. But it really would have been a guess!

  9. If only I had seen this earlier! I knew it was Mary Jane, boo. lol. Great question!

  10. Fun. I didn't know the answer though.




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