Monday, September 24, 2012

Phony Photos 2: Now & Then

In the first-ever Phony Photos last week, people couldn't believe my book geek Val could grow up to be a bad-ass soldier.  So here you go, here's the proof:

Val at 13

And this is her all growed up:

She still doesn't look extremely bad-ass I suppose; I mean she still has the freckles and she's smiling.  She could still kick my ass, though.  Actually the neck is a little too long.  The camouflage is one of those things I downloaded and looks pretty neat except for the neck area.

Just for the heck of it, here's her in her formal uniform, which is actually an airline pilot's uniform someone designed:

See, the neck isn't as long on that one so it looks a little better.  Her hair is shorter but in the context of the story it's because when she's out in the field she's not getting it cut so it gets longer.  Though it's still short, because Val's supposed to be kind of butch about that. 

Anyway, that's probably more than you ever wanted to know on that subject.

Instead of a Two-Fer, tomorrow is going to be a BIG SURPRISE (no, it's not the book being for sale, grrr...)...


  1. She looks "recruiting poster" cute.


  2. I do tons of character sketches for my stories. If I couldn't do passable drawings I would do something like you are here. It helps me solidify things in my mind.

  3. Sounds like fun to mess around with the characters like that.

  4. As you know, before turning to writing I was a painter and portraits were my specialty. Yet I've never tried to draw or paint any of the characters in my stories. When I see your renditions I think about it. Maybe one day I'll try and paint Anderson Owens, the lead character in my thriller "Return of the Mary Celeste."

  5. I noticed the neck right away. But the overall pictures are great. I like her with shorter hair. Looks right.




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