Monday, November 6, 2017

Storypalooza: The Dognapping

So I promised I was going to be posting some story ideas I've come up with but have not actually written.  And, shockingly, they're not all going to be gender swap stories.  Like this one that I call The Dognapping.
Not Coming Soon!

So this idea came to me as basically a take on Fargo or the like, only instead of a husband paying to have his wife kidnapped, a college mascot handler pays to have his charge kidnapped.  And since I've followed Butler Blue II/Butler Blue III on Twitter/Facebook/Snapchat/Instagram, of course that charge would be a bulldog!

Once upon a time there's a bulldog mascot handler for a Midwestern university.  Dog Guy and his dog Trey are regional celebrities, but it doesn't necessarily mean tons of cash.  At least not enough cash to pay his debts.  Gambling debts?  Maybe a mistress on the side?  Whatever.  The point is Dog Guy owes a lot of money to some bad people.

He gets talking with someone who jokingly (probably) mentions that Trey would be worth a lot of money to the university.  So Dog Guy meets some local lowlifes and agrees to give them a percentage of the ransom if they'll pretend to dognap Trey for a few days.

The dognapping goes off with maybe a hitch or two (like the dog bites them or something) but the lowlifes manage to get the job done.  Then Dog Guy reports Trey has been taken and it becomes a big story on the news.

And maybe then there are complications like the dog runs away or gets hit by a car or something.  And the cops are probably putting some heat on Dog Guy.  Maybe Dog Guy and the lowlifes turn on each other out of greed.

In the end the bad guys get what's coming to them and Trey (if he lives) gets a new handler.

There are holes to fill in, which is kind of why I haven't done anything with it yet.

So what do you think should happen to Dog Guy, the lowlifes, and Trey the mascot?


  1. I think the lowlifes end up in jail, Dog Guy gets Trey back, but the dog run away and is adopted by a great family.

  2. I think Trey should take a knee and bite his critics. Of course his knees are hardly impressive being a bulldog and all.

  3. This could be a brilliant comedy-heist book. Especially along the lines of "Quick Change" where the theft goes OK but the escape is hard. Killing the dog would be rough LOL but I can see a happy ending with a new owner. I'm not a writer, of course, but there are lots of possibilities.



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