Sunday, September 1, 2013

Box Office Blitz Week 8 Results...Part 1

Yep, we're doing this today.

The top 3 this weekend were:
One Direction $17M
The Butler $14.7M
We're the Millers $12.6M

After a rough few weeks, I finally nailed it!
  1. One Direction $18M
  2. The Butler $15M
  3. We're the Millers $10M
That's a trifecta!  Which means 900 points.

Maurice Mitchell also gets a trifecta:
1. One Direction - $20 mil
2. The Butler - $15 mil
3. We're the Millers - $12 mil

Andrew Leon picked:
1. The Butler: $18m
2. One Direction: $15m
3. We're the Millers: $10m

That's 100 for Butler and Direction and 400 for Millers for 600

David Walston picked:
1 The Butler $11M
2 This is Us $10M
3 We're the Millers $9M

Also 600 points

Rusty Carl picked:
One direction - $16mil
The butler $14 mil
We're the millers $12 mil

Also a trifecta!

Briane Pagel picked
1. One Direction: $25 mil
2. Getaway $15 million
3. The Butler, $10 million.

That's 200 for One Direction and 100 for Butler for 300 total

And Chris Dilloway picked:
One direction $18 mil
Butler $12 mil
Millers $10 mil

OK so Me, Rusty, and Chris all got trifectas and all were only 1M off on One Direction.  And only 300K separate mine and Rusty's picks on #2.  So you know be continued!  We'll determine the winner once the official results are in as this is too close to call as they say during elections.

So Tuesday I'll announce who gets the 300 bonus points.


  1. Not temped by any movies this week. There just isn't anything I'm interested in seeing. Hope you're having a great holiday weekend.



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