Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Elegy for Butler Blue II (2004-2013)

Sad news yesterday afternoon that the bulldog mascot I'd been using for my avatar for 3 years now, Butler Blue II, has passed away.  It doesn't come as a surprise as about a month ago he was diagnosed with a fatal heart condition.  English bulldogs are notorious for health concerns, so nine years isn't really a bad run for him.  The saddest thing this last month was while all of us humans knew he was going to die, poor Blue had no way to know his heart was a ticking time bomb.

Of course I didn't really KNOW Blue II.  We never met in person; I never got to pet him or pat his head or anything.  Thanks to social media I was able to follow him since I first saw this picture during the Final Four in 2010:

Since then I used Blue as my avatar on Blogger, Twitter, and other sites.  You can read more about that and see more great Blue II pictures from my retirement tribute in MarchHere's ESPN's tribute to Blue.  And here's the official tribute video for Blue.

Lest I get too sad, Blue did have a good life.  Actually in his nine years he did a lot than most people.  I mean have you been to multiple Final Fours, the Super Bowl, and the Indy 500?  Or appeared on Jimmy Fallon and Dan Patrick?  Or hang out with supermodels and NFL cheerleaders?  Or have college girls fondle you on an almost daily basis?  Yeah, I don't think so.  He had it pretty sweet.

When someone important to a sports team passes away, it's traditional to make a patch to wear on their uniforms.  Last weekend I thought of one for Blue; maybe I had a premonition.

RIP, Blue.  You will be missed.


  1. My brother's English bulldog is still going strong. I wonder what the secret to her longevity has been.

  2. Mrs. Chatterbox has expressed a liking for English bulldogs, but I keep reminding her that she already has someone who snores, eats with his mouth open and has short legs---ME!

  3. Sometimes, the death of a dog is more sad than the death of a human.

  4. Andrew, I disagree with that statement, which I think is never true.

    PT: will you stick with your avatar? It could be an homage.

  5. @Briane: Sadness is subjective, and some people are attached to animals more than people. I don't mean that as a global position.

  6. How sad. He was handsome for a bulldog.



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