Monday, September 9, 2013

Box Office Blitz Week 9 Results!

Thanks for patiently waiting for the official results to come in.  There wasn't really a change in the order of the movies, so that was good.  "We're the Millers" actually lost ground on "Instructions Not Included" in the official tally.

The official results are:
Riddick $19M
Butler $8.4M
Instructions Not Included $8.1M

My picks were:
  1. Riddick $20M
  2. Butler $10M
  3. One Direction $9M
Shouldn't have bet on horny teens twice in a row.  I get 200 for Riddick and 300 for Butler for 500 total.

David Walston picked:
1. Riddick $20M
2. The Butler $9M
3. instructions Not Included $6M

Which is a trifecta for 900 points.

Michael Offutt picked:
1) Riddick $19 million.
2) The Butler $9 million
3) We're the Millers $8 million

Which is also 500 points.

Maurice Mitchell picked:
1. Riddick - $21M
2. The Butler - $10.1M
3. Instructions Not Included - $10

Which is a trifecta!

Rusty Carl picked:
Riddick - $21 mil
The Butler $11 mil
We're the Millers $10 mil

For 500 points.

And Chris Dilloway picked:
Riddick - $20m
Butler - $15m
Millers - $12m

Also 500 points.

Since David is closer than Maurice on Riddick he gets the 300 bonus points!

With the win David also claims second place.  And I'm inching closer to a respectable 4th place position.

1 Rusty Carl 500 5600
2 David Walton 1200 5200
3 Chris Dilloway 500 5100
4 Briane Pagel 0 3700
5 PT Dilloway 500 3500
6 Andrew Leon 0 3200
7 Maurice Mitchell 900 3100
8 Michael Offutt 500 1900


  1. The only movie I saw ths week was Hyde Park on the Hudson. Many missed opportunities here and Bill Murray was mediocre.

  2. That movie that came in third, I ALMOST picked it, but then I found out that it was Spanish speaking and thought that there is no way it could pull in enough cash to place third. D'oh.

  3. Congrats Rusty! I have a long way to go to get out of the bottom five.



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