Saturday, September 7, 2013

Phony Photos: September

From the SIMply the Best Calendar it's time for September's page!  To wrap up the Perfect Worlds series is Krisee the girl who seduces Kari (last month's pin-up girl) and steals her away from Val.  Maybe you can see why...or not.
On the left is teenage Krisee in her hot cheerleading outfit.  In the center is a slightly older teenage Krisee going through an awkward phase with pimples and turning to the dark side with a leather jacket.  That wasn't really the one I wanted to put in the center but it was the one I had to because the program kept complaining the others weren't high-res enough.  On the bottom right is the same Krisee as the center only in a pink wig.  And then at the top is an adult Krisee in a sexy nurse outfit.  OK it doesn't look so sexy there but the bottom has fishnet stockings and little else.  For some reason the nurse costumes people make only come in the sexy variety.

So maybe you can see why Kari would trash her relationship with Val for Krisee.  Or not.  Whatever.

And here's the Sims 3 version:

Next month gets back to more familiar ground.


  1. Too few nurses wear fishnet stockings. That's what's wrong with health care. I hope Obama fixes that.

  2. I don't care about the fishnet stockings so long an they don't stop the sponge baths.

  3. I'm glad the facial acne all cleared up finally - but it would be embarrassing if the worst possible photo ended up being what was used as the central piece of a calendar.



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