Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Two-Cent Tuesdays: More Cover Madness

You know how much I love goofing around with covers, so here's another one!

This one is for the proposed sequel to the story I released not long ago, Girl Power.  In the sequel (which at this point is only in the planning stage) we have the female Super Squad of Apex Girl, Velocity Girl, Mermaid, and Midnight Spectre who became women a year ago thanks to a supervillain's weapon.  Anyway, a year later another Super Squad made up of their former male selves (Apex Man, Velocity Man, Lord Neptune, and Midnight Spectre) shows up out of the blue.  The world embraces the male versions, which becomes a problem when they start to abuse their power.  This leads to male and female versions of each hero slugging it out.

Anyway, I had an idea for the cover, but as usual stock photo sites are really disappointing in their selection.  I mean if you want a mom, a little kid, or a business guy wearing a cape for no reason you're all set but if you want an actual superhero costume then you're screwed.  Finally I said the heck with it and just found a normal man and a normal woman and put a mask on them.  Like this:
Is it extremely obvious I added the mask after the fact?  I can probably recolor around the eye holes a little to fill those in better, but the noses and stuff might be more difficult.  I made them black-and-white to go with the cover for the first one, plus it might disguise the contrast of the mask I added a little bit.  If you recall this was the first cover, which you guys picked:
So the black-and-white is kind of a theme and I used the same font and everything.  Am I on the right track here?  Again, my options are pretty limited as far as stock photo sites go and obviously I can't draw my own, which always puts me up shit creek.

You can't find decent superhero pictures on stock photo sites, but you know what you can find?  Scary clown photos!  Check out this mock cover for a proposed 3rd story in the series:

The third one would borrow from a story I did for the We Are Now anthology about a bunch of villains getting together to form a Legion of Doom to fight the good guys.  Probably one of the heroes is going to die in this one too in order to save the day.  I have a pretty good idea which one.

 Tomorrow is another Recap entry!


  1. I understand the limitations of stock photography, but that first cover would work better, in my opinion, if her eyes were looking in his direction in a challenging way. Take care and have a great week.

  2. I like the theme of the covers, but agree with Stephen; also, maybe show a bit more face so it's obvious it's a man and a woman.

    Or maybe make one a negative image? So Girl Hero is regular b&w photo, Guy Hero is negative?

  3. That league of evil cover is great Pat. Skip the second novel and go to the third!

  4. Love the League of Evil cover at the bottom of the post. The one where you added masks is alright, but it isn't as great as the other two.



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