Monday, November 4, 2013

Box Office Blitz Week 17 Results

Now that we have the official results the top three movies this last weekend were:
Ender's Game $27M
Bad Grandpa (Ugh) $20M
Last Vegas (Ugh squared) $16.3M

My terrible picks were
  1. Ender's Game $60M
  2. Free Birds $30M
  3. Gravity $18M
So I get 200 for Ender's Game and that's it.

David Walton picked:

1. Ender's Game $30M
2. Free Birds $15M
3. Gravity $14M

Also 200 points

Michael Offutt picked:
1) Ender's Game 28 million
2) Free Birds $18 million
3) Last Vegas $16 million

That's 200 for Ender and 400 for Last Vegas for 600 total

Briane Pagel picked:
1. Ender's Game: $40 mil
2. Free Birds: $30 mil.
3. Bad Grampa $15 mil.

That's 200 for Ender and 100 for Grandpa for 300 total

Andrew Leon picked:
1. Ender's Game -- $31m
2. Free Birds -- $20m
3. Bad Grandpa -- $16m

Also 300

Rusty picked:
Ender's Game $30 mil
Free Birds $25 mil
Last Vegas $18 mil

That's 200 for Ender and 400 for Vegas for 600 total

Chris Dilloway picked:
Ender's Game $27m
Free Birds $18m
Grandpa $15m

That's 200 for Ender and 100 for Grandpa for 300 total

Michael was closer to Ender's Game's total than Rusty so he wins the 300 bonus!

And the updated scoreboard looks like this:

Box Office Blitz


Season 2

17 Total
1 Rusty Carl 600 11500
2 David Walton 200 10200
3 Chris Dilloway 300 9400
4 Maurice Mitchell 0 8800
5 Andrew Leon 300 8700
6 PT Dilloway 200 8400
7 Michael Offutt 900 5800
8 Briane Pagel 300 5700
9 PK Hrezo  0 600

2800 69100
Not much change except Michael leapfrogs Briane back into 7th place.


  1. What were people smoking this weekend?

  2. we should play places 2 - 4 next weekend since Thor 2 will be #1

  3. Mrs. Chatterbox wants to go see Thor. She's a sucker for guys with big hammers. I'm not sure how I feel about this.

  4. Good work for Michael, he half-asses this thing and still wins when he feels like showing up.

  5. And here I am, BUSTIN MY BUTT every week only to end up in second to last place, ahead of only PK, who I'm pretty sure is one of Dilloway's pseudonyms. He'll deny it, but the truth is he's got so many, even HE doesn't know them all. I bet one of these days one of his pseudonyms is going to answer a personal ad placed by another of his alter egos, and when that happens, I want the rights to the crappy romantic comedy script.

    Which will then debut at number one, guaranteeing me a win i Box Office Bltz 2019. Yep, it took that long to get the stupid film made, but only because Miramax got cold feet on the financing once Jennifer Aniston backed out. Shows them: Amanda Seyfreid used the film as a comeback, and People Magazine (which is beamed directly into our brains by decree of President Reanimated Steve Jobs) named her America's New Sweetheart.

    Of course by then America is run by the UN. We should have listened to the Tea Party's warning about Obamacare! It's too late! YOU BLEW IT UP. GOD DAMN YOU! GOD DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!

    Sorry. I'll show myself out.



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