Sunday, November 17, 2013

Box Office Blitz Week 19 Results!

You know if I'd predicted that "Thor 2" would nearly get beaten by "Best Man Holiday" at the box office you'd probably have thought I was certifiable.  But that's what almost happened this weekend!  Granted Thor 2 still won with almost $40M but makes me think Marvel might get just a teensy worried that it dropped like 55% without much serious competition.  Yup, this is the beginning of the end for Marvel's superhero movie dominance.  (Probably not.)

The surprising totals were:
Thor 2: $38.5
Best Man Holiday $30.6
Last Vegas $8.9

Here were my picks:
  1. Thor 2 $50M
  2. Bad Grandpa $10M
  3. Best Man Holiday $8M
Predictably I finally picked Bad Grandpa and now it's a no show.  Jackass indeed.  Anyway that's 200 for Thor 2 and 100 for Best Man for 300 total.

David Walston picked:
1. Thor: The Dark World $40M
2.The Best Man Holiday $14M
3. Last Vegas $8M

That's a trifecta!  900 points

Michael Offutt picked:
1) Thor $40 M
2) Last Vegas $20 million
3) Bad Grandpa $10 million

That's 200 for Thor and 100 for Last Vegas for 300 total

Andrew Leon picked:
1. Thor 2: $42m
2. Best Man Holiday: $18m
3. Free Birds: $8m

That's 200 for Thor and 300 for Best Man for 500 total

Rusty picked:
Thor 2 - $35 mil
Best Man Holiday - $22 mil
Last Vegas $10 mil

That's also a trifecta for 900 points.

Briane Pagel picked:
1. Thor 2: Asgard Boogaloo: $55 mil.
2. Free Birds: $10 mil.
3. Charlie Countryman: $9 mil.

That's 200 for Thor 2

Chris Dilloway picked:
Thor 2 - $37m
Best Man - $33m
Free Birds - $10m

That's also 500 points.

David is closer than Rusty on Thor 2 so he gets the 300 bonus points...for now.  If the actuals tip it Rusty's way I'll let you know on Tuesday.

Here are the updated totals:

Box Office Blitz


Season 2

19 Total
1 Rusty Carl 900 12900
2 David Walton 1200 11600
3 Chris Dilloway 500 10700
4 Andrew Leon 500 9400
5 Maurice Mitchell 0 9100
6 PT Dilloway 300 9000
7 Michael Offutt 300 6400
8 Briane Pagel 200 5900
9 PK Hrezo  0 600

3900 75600

Andrew Leon moves into 4th place and just 100 points separate me and Maurice from 5th place.  The magic number for Rusty is 1101 points to clinch first place.  Of course that's only if David got 1200 points each of the next two weeks.


  1. my pick of thor 2 at 37m is closer than 35 or 40...just sayin'...

  2. Have you given a critique on Ender's Game? I recently saw it and thought it a good interpretation of the book, even though I wish I hadn't known the ending.

  3. Seriously, I sometimes wonder if there is anyone as out of step with society as me.

  4. I can't believe "Best Man" almost beat "Thor," either. Marvel is pretty worried right now.

  5. I called it, Marvel fatigue is preparing to set in. Although it's pretty awesome that a movie that's a sequel to something that came out almost 15 years ago can generate enough nostalgia for something like this.

  6. I guess everyone that wanted to see Thor already saw it. I predict that it will drop even faster after this week. I haven't seen it yet, though. No time to see movies this month!

    They're saying we'll see a Thor 3 before a Hulk movie, which I'm bummed about.



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