Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Everyday Heroes 11/13

It's November now and that means winter is just around the corner.  This is an old article but it's a good reminder that annual coat drives, food drives, and so forth should be happening soon.  Be an Everyday Hero and do your part this year!

VALORIE EVERSOLE - Daily Union Reporter CNHI

SHELBYVILLE, IL. — The recent Jason Jordan Coat Drive netted more than 300 coats of all sizes, meeting the needs of not only the local community, but also aiding those in homeless shelters in neighboring communities.

Dawn Reeves, mother of the late Jason Jordan organized the first annual coat drive held for a couple of weeks after Christmas. The collected coats were shared between the Shelby Christian Church, Big Momma’s Closet, the Pregnancy Crisis Center, and shelters in Mattoon and Decatur.

“We collected 314 coats this year,” Reeves said. “I am so proud of what we were able to do this year. Those at the shelters who received coats were seriously grateful.”

“I want to thank each and every one of you who personally filled the boxes and allowed me to remember Jason and help someone in this memory,” Reeves continued.

In addition to coats, Reeves received monetary donations which she is using to buy coats, especially those on clearance, to stockpile for next year’s drive. She will also accept coats in all sizes.

“Next year children will need new coats again,” Reeves said. She noted that it costs a family an average of $200 a year to buy new coats for their children.

Reeves emphasized that the coat ministry at the Shelby Christian Church is a ministry.

“It is not an income-based program. If you need a coat, contact the church to get one,” she said.

Reeves expressed thanks to those who helped in the coat drive.

“I want to especially thank Richie Singh at the Marathon Serice station for picking my cause to help. He put the information out on his sign. I think that really helped remind people everyday. It was a blessing from someone that I don’t know,” Reese said.

She also gives thanks to Shelby Christian Church, Traci Zientara, Meagan Stenger, Ladies of the Moose, Custom Care Cleaner, Donna Storm Susan Stephens, Krista Smith and family, County Market, Walmart, Qik N Ez, Casey’s, Shelbyville Chamber of Commerce, all Communty Banks of Shelby County locations and employees.

Reeves continues to collect coats at Community Banks anytime.

“My boss supports what I’m doing – we’re trying to take care of my community,” she said.

This year’s drive is set for December 15 – 29.


  1. Such a worthwhile project. How difficult it must be to keep uo one's spirits when cold, something few of us are forced to deal with.

  2. That's an awesome way to honor his memory. On another note, Walmart is doing a food drive for it's poor employees, which is both awesome and sad.

  3. @Maurice: It's more sad, because, basically, it's Wal-Mart saying, "Hey, we don't pay our employees enough AND we're not going to, so, hey, wouldn't you like to donate some food to help out these people that we are more than capable of assisting but refuse to."

  4. I think you should highlight Ashton Kutcher taking on WalMart. Here's the article. It gave me a good chuckle. GO ASHTON!

    When I can afford to buy a house someday, then I'll do more for charity. I figure right now the best thing I can do is keep myself afloat that way it's not being a burden on someone else.

  5. I'm much happier shopping at Costco, who at least pays their employees a decent wage. Nothing to get rich on, but way more than Wal-Mart does.

    And the coat drive was a touching story.



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