Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Phony Photos: November

From the SIMply the Best calendar it's November's page!  This should be a pretty familiar face by now.  No, not Stacey Chance.  It's Emma Earl!  Why wait until November?  I don't know it just seemed appropriate for my birthday month.  So there.

You might notice Emma's hair in the left picture is a little different than how it used to be.  I just liked this style a little better.  On the right is Emma in her Scarlet Knight armor.  Of course the reds of her hair don't match.  There's not much I can do about that.  I mean "red" to some people means a lot of different shades.  It's kind of annoying.

This is a Sims 3/Sims Medieval version:

Next month is a holiday-themed one to wrap it all up!

Tomorrow is my book report for 2013!  Find out what were the best and worst books I've read all year.


  1. I can't believe Christmas is almost upon us again.

  2. So you don't do ISWG? I never remember who does.

    You're pretty good, as I'm sure I've said in the past, at these phony photos.

    I'm looking forward to book report Thursday!

  3. I'm curious about those books you read this year. Your opinion is important to me.

  4. Happy B-day month!
    Are you getting yourself a Ginger for the big day?
    *Runs fridge looks for Ginger Ale*

  5. Wait, you're best of 2013 is coming out early in November? That's crazy! There's still almost 1/6 of the year left to go.



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