Saturday, November 9, 2013

NaNoWhineMo Week 1

I just about punted on the first weekend of NaNoWriMo last week.  I managed about 7,500 words but that was about 60% of what I
could have done if I hadn't been so lazy.  On a typical writing Saturday the schedule lines up like this:

9-9:30ish Waking up, getting breakfast, etc.
10-10:30ish to 12:30ish Writing
12:30ish-2ish Lunch
2:30ish-6ish Writing
6ish-7ish Dinner
7ish-10ish Writing

The hours vary in the summer where I might wait until 7-8pm to go take a walk or play around with my basketball or something and then get a little snack at 9-10ish instead of a real dinner.

Anyway, last week I woke up late and wound up blowing off the morning session.  Then after lunch I wandered aimlessly in the car for the better part of an hour looking for a post office so I didn't even start writing until about 3.  Then I stopped at 5 to go to the park to get some final fall color pictures, which meant I didn't get back to writing again until 7ish and then went until about 9:30.  So really I only wrote for about 4 hours that day and then a couple more on Sunday thanks to that whole daylight savings time thing providing an "extra hour."

And then I was lazy and didn't do anything else until Thursday when I wrote about 1900 words at work instead of actually working.  I guess after a couple of weeks off it takes some effort to get the discipline (such as it ever is) back.  This is why too I never can make an exercise regimen work.

So this Saturday have to come back at it with renewed determination.  Like actually getting out of bed before 10am.  The horror!

When perhaps I should have been writing, I was dicking around on The Sims 3 to make rough drafts of the League of Evil.

First there's a pretty ordinary guy known as Hitter because he's a top-notch assassin.  He pretty much just wears a suit:


Then there's Ion Man who as you might expect looks like Tony Stark, only he's an evil Tony Stark.  He should have an Iron Man suit but I'm pretty sure you can't get one of those just yet, so this is what he looks like without it:

And then we have Killer Whale, who is the older brother of Mermaid/Queen Neptune of the Super Squad.  As befits his name his suit is black with white highlights:

And lastly there's Neanderthal who is just what his name implies, a modern-day caveman who is sort of an Incredible Hulk.  I think in the Sims 2 you could do more with the forehead to make it more caveman-y, but this was the best I could do:

And just for Tony Laplume I figured out how to sort of make Sims 3 characters smile:

Next week you can see the Super Squad Auxiliary who are basically the above characters as girls.  You can try to imagine what that looks like.


  1. Did she get stung by bees on her face?

    Saturdays are my absolute worst days for writing. Never happens.

  2. I'm just glad you're writing again.

    Interesting heroes.

    I remembered too late about Box Office Blitz, not that it matters -- I think I can't even move up one notch.

  3. Even when you're goofing off your work ethic is better than mine. Oh, the shame!

  4. Good stuff... I'm behind schedule myself. Any day I get in 2k I feel like I've conquered the world. Glad I'm not the only one that can get distracted. Artsy thing compete with writing things for me. Throw in the internet and I'm entirely screwed.

  5. That's alright. I'm sure you'll catch up. If you don't, it's not like the NaNo cops are gonna bust you or anything.

    You need to post some of those Fall pictures. It's pretty spectacular here in Missouri right now.



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