Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A to Z Challenge 12: Little Girls

What's that sorta creepy song say, "Thank Heaven for little girls?"  No way to misinterpret that, is there?  Anyway, the first of the Transformed series was Transformed Into a Little Girl, which I wrote way back in June.

I had actually read another book or two and figured, Hey, I can do this!  I tried to follow the formula from the books I had read, especially with the first story.  In the first story, an abusive dad gets into a car wreck and wakes up as a little girl.  Besides gender swapping, this is about role swapping.  The abusive jerk who was always in charge before is now an almost helpless little five-year-old girl who has to depend on the wife he used to terrorize for most everything.  Then there's his daughter, who's now more of an older sister to him.  Doesn't take her long to get some payback.

The second story is a little longer.  A cheating husband swallows some spiked champagne that turns him into a little girl.  As revenge for his infidelity, his wife decides to humiliate him as much as possible by for instance entering him in a beauty pageant and hiring his former mistress as his babysitter.  But that's where everything goes wrong for her.

A few months later, I wrote the sequel and this time didn't really follow the formula.  I've mentioned the first story before, "Fourth Wall."  It's about a Superman-type whose archenemy sends him into another dimension, where he's a powerless little girl.  But then the little girl gets a comic book and finds out that her whole superheroic life--including becoming a girl--has been written by someone else!  Basically it's a "Last Action Hero" scenario only with superhero comics.  The girl and her mom go find the writer of the comics, who devises how to rectify things. 

About that time Marvel decided to introduce a female Thor (not a gender swap story so far as I know) which I guess has been really popular.  The comic book writer in my story laments how even though the female superhero he's been working on has been really popular the idiots in charge would still demand changing the hero back to a man because they're not comfortable with a female hero.  I'm sure that's the case at Marvel's offices right now.

Speaking of a female Thor, the second story is sorta based on Thor.  There's a big strong warrior whose father is ready to step down after defeating the "evil" gypsy rebellion.  On the day of the coronation, the warrior's brother shows up with a magic stone (see the previous day's entry) and turns the big strong warrior into an adorable little princess so he can take power for himself.  The big strong warrior soon finds that being a princess sucks because there's nothing to do.

You can buy both books for $2.99 apiece at Amazon!


  1. I remember something about a female Thor maybe a year ago, but I don't even know if they made a movie or not. I guess that is one way to have a female super hero.
    And that would be torture for a man to be reduced to a little girl. I'm sure they deserve it.

  2. Enters him in a beauty pageant? Oh man, that's awesome!

    I haven't read the new Thor yet, but I did hear that sales have continued to climb since making him a her.



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