Saturday, April 4, 2015

A to Z Challenge 4: Dominatrixes

In case you never thought to download it like the two years it was free, Chance of a Lifetime is free for the next few days. Like I always say, even if you don't want to read it, just download it to help me out.  I mean it's free so it shouldn't compromise your "integrity" at all--or your finances!

Of all the books I've written since July, Transformed Into a Dominatrix is the one I'm most surprised wasn't a hit.  I mean I get people who bitch about there not being enough sex in some of my books and yet people don't read the one that is full of S&M sex stuff!  Go figure.

I think this was a conscious attempt after the previous Transformed Into a Geek Girl to get back into something a little racier.  Yet it didn't really work, did it?

The first story is filled with "American Dad" references as a CIA agent named Stan transfers his brain into a Russian dominatrix to nail her boss, a gangster.  Except he ends up nailing him in an entirely different way of course.  The biggest problem is that the gangster's thug blew up Stan's real body and the equipment that transferred his brain, so he's kind of stuck.  In the second half of the story we find him becoming more and more the Russian dominatrix.

The second story is another of those black comedies.  There's this weird fat guy (who bears no resemblance to me whatsoever) who buys a leather teddy.  When he attempts to put it on it's like "The Mask" in that it changes him into someone else, in this case a woman who happens to enjoy torturing and murdering guys.  That doesn't sound funny, does it?  Well that's why I said black comedy.

I know at least one other book uses the cover image above.  I bet they've sold more books than I have.  They probably get reviews too.

You can buy this for a mere $2.99 on Amazon!

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  1. All these blurbs sound a bit funny to me, but I would guess that's even better for you. Humor sells pretty well.



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