Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A to Z Challenge 6: French Maid

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?  I saw some other authors had books about a guy turning into a French maid and thought, Why not me?  I mean not me changing into a French maid, though that probably would be an improvement; I mean me writing a book about some hapless guy turning into a maid.

The scenario is kind of contrived.  There's a governor who's kind of in that George W mold of not really giving a shit about his job or reading newspapers or anything.  Someone decides to kidnap him and turn him into a French maid named Fifi who has to clean a mansion from top-to-bottom everyday or else be disciplined.  Though he starts to kind of like that discipline.

The second story actually focuses on a Mexican maid.  You know the Consuelo character from "Family Guy?"  She's like that, only hotter.  A guy who's in one of those border patrol gangs sees a young Mexican woman trying to cross the border and captures her.  As he's going to rape her, there's a bright light and he wakes up AS her!  So now he's working at a shitty motel (which I used the crappy old motel I stayed at in Mitchell, SD for the basis) where he not only has to clean rooms, but also service some of the customers.  You know what I mean.  Or do you?

The second story I think turned out better.  Maybe I thought it through a little better.  I mean the first one I wrote on my way to Seattle so I was kind of busy some of the time.

This wasn't a huge success, maybe because there are already too many French maid gender swap books on the market.  Or not.  Who can say?  Not me or I'd be a rich genius like Warren Buffett.

Unless I've convinced you otherwise (or even if I have) you can buy this for $2.99 from Amazon!


  1. The cover is very attractive Pat. Good find

  2. I'm glad you imitated the gender swap story and not the sex-with-dinosaurs one.

  3. I have been sort of wondering if perhaps Eric Filler should have his own Facebook page or does he?

  4. It's the first I ever heard of one :)



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