Saturday, April 18, 2015

A to Z Challenge 16: Pinup Girls

How did I come up with a weird story title like My Wife Changed Me Into a Pinup Girl?  Good question!  It was really another one of those where I had a picture I hadn't used.  This one:

The thing was it was the kind of picture that didn't really SAY anything to me.  I mean most of the categories I use are pretty obvious:  little girl, schoolgirl, whore, dominatrix, Goth girl, bride, pregnant girl, etc.  But you look at that it doesn't really scream out anything like that, does it?  If they had been more successful I might have used it for another cougar title.

I wish I had some clever story about how the pinup girl thing came to me.  Like:  I was sitting in this diner and saw an old pinup calendar and thought, Aha!  But nothing like that really happened.  I was just going through things in my head and it popped in there.

The story goes like this:  an old couple is traveling from Texas to Scottsdale and the wife has them stop at an antique shop in southern New Mexico.  Among some old magazines, the guy finds a Playboy or something with the girl on the cover on it.  Meanwhile, a Native American woman sells the wife a couple of "magic crystals" that turn out to actually have some magic.  With them the old woman can make herself young again.  And she decides to play a trick on her husband and turn him into the pinup girl she caught him ogling.  As I like to say, mayhem ensues.

If this isn't my most popular book then it's in the top 3. Of course the only review in America was some dipshit who not only gave it 2 stars, but also spoiled the entire fucking plot.  Gee, thanks.  At some point I'll do a sequel, but first I need to come up with a story.  You know, before mayhem can ensue you need the pieces in place.

If you haven't already, buy this story on Amazon for just $2.99!

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  1. If only some of these reviews would have the sense not to give away the entire plot. One time I got a 1 star review because this guy could not see the text on his device (not a Kindle) it was his own fault for not adjusting the background.



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