Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A to Z Challenge 25: Year a Virgin

When I started this, I'm not sure how long I thought it would end up being.  I'm pretty sure, though, I didn't think it'd come out to 38,500 words.  That's a lot longer than these things usually are, more of a novella than a short story.

In a way it's appropriate as the first story in the Gender Swap Challenge Trilogy was One Day as a Bimbo and then there was One Week as a Whore which was a little bit longer and so it makes sense that One Year as a Virgin would be even longer.

After the first two books, I had to think of what challenge Dave Winters could face next.  Really after being enslaved to a gross sultan for a week, where do you go?  So eventually I thought of doing a 180 and instead of having lots of sex, he can't have any sex at all.

The deal is that Dave gets shot with something that makes him a 17-year-old girl, who's sent to a fancy boarding school.  For the whole year she can't have any vaginal intercourse.  She can still have sex in any other orifice, so that's kind of a consolation.

When it starts, she's a social outcast with a geeky roommate.  When things get awkward with the roommate, she inadvertently falls in with the cool kids.  Except they've got some Carrie-like stuff planned for her.  If you want to see where she goes from here, all the versions of her in the story are represented in this Sims family:
The one with glasses isn't one of the Daves.

Make of that what you will.  Since it's so much longer I'm trying to sell it at $3.99 and see what happens.  Or you can just wait a little longer until the omnibus with all three comes out.  Here's a cover I made playing with the "Pencil Sketch" function on PowerPoint.  I'm not sure if it looks good or not.

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  1. The images on that cover seem kinda blurry and crowded. I'm sure you will fix it.



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