Tuesday, April 1, 2014


This is not an April Fool's Day joke!  It's a real live blog post.

The first year of this blog I did the A to Z challenge on my then-forthcoming novel A Hero's Journey, Tales of the Scarlet Knight #1.

The next year I only half-ass did the A to Z challenge.

This year I wasn't planning to do anything.  Then I saw my book sales had been skidding the last couple of months and I thought, "Huh, maybe this blog stuff actually does something."  So then I thought maybe I should start blogging again, at least on a limited basis.  And the best way to get started seemed to be with this A to Z thing.  Plus people might figure out the new old blog address then.  At least anyone who bothers to look down to #1000-something on the list and click the link.

Then I thought, "Hurm, what can I do for 26 days?"  And then myself answered, "I have like 40 books out..."

Great idea, self!  So for the month of April I will focus each day on a different book of mine.  What I soon realized is while I have a lot of books, many of them start with the same letter.  So in some cases I'll talk about a character or fudge it some other way.

Today I did not have to fudge anything.  Appropriately for a first post this is called Awakening.

It's the tale of a young witch named Stephanie who finds out a human engineer named Ethan is creating a "magic wand" that would let ordinary people use magic like witches.  Stephanie isn't the only one interested in the magic wand technology; the Nazis are also keen on getting their hands on it.  So Stephanie and Ethan have to try to escape from the Nazis and keep the wand out of their hands.

Originally this novel was supposed to take place in present day with my witches from the Scarlet Knight stories:  Sylvia Joubert and her sister Agnes.  But for whatever reason that just wasn't working for me.  I think in part because the villains were kind of blah.  So I decided to spice it up a little by setting it in the mid-30s with Nazis.  Maybe I'd got my Indiana Jones DVDs around that time, or maybe not.  Whatever the reason it worked better, so I could at least finish it.  Then later I changed the names to differ from the Scarlet Knight stories.

It's one of those where it could have been a series, but I never got around to writing the sequels.  Mostly because I got involved first with The Night's Legacy and then the Chances Are series, which took up the rest of the year.  Three of those four books will be featured in the coming days!

You can buy it and all my other books from the new Planet 99 Publishing website!


  1. Dude, congratulations on getting 40 books out. That just blows my mind. If anyone was born to be a writer, it's you. I admire you so much for your ability to focus and create so many worlds and characters.

  2. Wow 40! You did mention fudge ! Now you have my attention.

  3. For some reason, your posts aren't updating to my feed. I'm only seeing them if I notice them on google+.



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