Thursday, April 10, 2014

Impostors, The

The second novel of the Girl Power series is called The Impostors.  It has a very simple concept:  what if the heroes turned into girls in the last book had to fight the male versions of themselves?  Imagine what it would be like if Superman had to fight Supergirl or Batman had to fight Batgirl (or Batwoman) or Aquaman had to, yeah that one doesn't work.  Or the Flash one since I don't think there's a girl Flash.  Why not, DC Comics?  Get to it.

Anyway, it's been about a year since the world's greatest heroes became heroines and the public starts to grumble that these girls aren't quite as good as the men were.  So when the men suddenly appear on the scene, everyone's overjoyed--except the female heroes.  Soon it becomes clear the world ain't big enough for both teams so they have to have it out to decide who's real and who's the impostors.

A little problem came up when I was working on this.  I was watching a Slim Jim commercial that showed "Imposter" sticks.  It was one of those weird moments where I looked at the word and wondered, Is that how it's spelled?  Well according to the dictionary you can spell it either way:  Imposter or Impostor.  I decided I liked Impostors; the O just looks classier to me.  Maybe because Imposter makes me think of posters.  So if some future jerkoff "reviewer" wants to declare there's a typo in the title, there is not.

And if you followed this blog before you know what a devil of a time I had with the cover.  I knew the concept I wanted but gods forbid there be any pictures online I could use.  I think in the end I spent $25 to acquire both faces.  Worth it!  (Probably not.)

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  1. Cool idea! Seeing a female Batman fight a male Batman would be sweet.



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