Thursday, April 3, 2014

Chance of a Lifetime & CCR

Chances Are (I never get tired of that pun) if you followed this blog previously you know all about Chance of a Lifetime (Chances Are #1).  It's the story of a grizzled detective named Steve Fischer who gets injected with an experimental drug that causes him to become a young woman who adopts the name Stacey Chance.  While she struggles to adapt to her new life, she tracks down those who did this to her.

It's free on Amazon, Smashwords, and B&N and has many positive reviews--and a couple negative ones written by morons, like the one who said he prefers books with political intrigue or treasure hunting.  Does the description above mention anything about political intrigue or treasure hunting?  Nooooope.  So maybe, just maybe, you should have read the description first!  Dumbass.

Anyway, since it fits perfectly in with a 'C' post, Steve's favorite band is Creedence Clearwater Revival, or CCR.  Why?  Mostly because Steve is about 50 years old and thus I needed a band popular in the early 70s or so when he'd have been a teenager.  Plus in the 4th Die Hard movie Bruce Willis yells at Justin Long for trying to turn off CCR on the radio and since Steve is a John McLane type character it makes sense.

At other parts in the series this creates some fun moments because a girl Stacey's age shouldn't have even heard of CCR let alone actually like their music.  Her ignorance of the modern music scene puts her at odds with her friend (and daughter) Madison who's a big Lady Gaga fan and equates the time she had to spend listening to CCR in the car with her dad to a trip to the dentist for a root canal.

Later Stacey ends up getting into music that's even older, Cole Porter songs, which hey that starts with a 'C' too!  Serendipity!

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And now ladies and gentlemen, some CCR:
Rock out Steve Fischer style!


  1. Thanks for taking me down memory lane. One other person is doing a thing called "battle of bands" and I had chance to listen to "Act Naturally" and it was between Buck Owens and Beatles with Ringo singing.
    Hope your day is going good. I found your blog though twitter A to Z challenge.

    Coffee is on

  2. Cool story. Sounds like another that someone said they were going to do ... That was a long time ago, though. :)

  3. It's those little details that make a difference

  4. CCR has always been a kind of take them or leave them band for me.



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