Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kila, Girl Power Stories

Kila was actually introduced in the third Girl Power story League of Evil, but I already have something for L, so the heck with it.  We'll get to that one for the O entry.

Kila is a sort of Green Lantern character, though obviously she doesn't wear green.  She is part of the Galactic Peacekeepers, who have agents all over the galaxy and are managed by light beings known as the Elders.  Kila took over her post from her late father, though she isn't sure she can really replace him.

After the events in League of Evil, Kila becomes the "liaison" to Earth.  She is basically exiled on there for disobeying the Elders and leading the Peacekeepers to save Earth from the hordes of Omega.  Along the way she befriends Starla Marsh, aka Apex Girl, who's on trial for bogus charges.  They're both aliens, so they have some common ground.  Unlike Apex Girl, Kila can never really blend in to human society since her skin is purple and she has pointy elf ears.  Since she's on a whole new planet, Kila is generally shy and kind of stand-offish.  She has a kind of overly formal way of speaking most of the time as English is not her native tongue--obviously.  When we first meet her in League of Evil she's kind of a strict rule follower and a big believer in "the Elders."  But seeing how they're going to kill Starla for crimes she isn't guilty of, she changes her tune and begins questioning the galaxy around her.  This leads to some disillusionment about the Elders.

In her tale as part of the short story collection, Kila takes Starla to the ruins of Starla's home planet.  There they search for information on Starla's parents.  They're only able to get there because Kila is able to create a magic bubble with her staff that allows them to move through space faster than light.  Again it's kind of like a power ring only instead of "willpower" it amplifies her latent magical abilities.  Besides bubbles, she can also fry people with lightning and stuff.

If there ever are any more sequels I'd get to delve more into Kila's character and what makes her tick and the extent of her powers.  If I did a sequel I'm sure the Galactic Peacekeepers in general would get involved more, like maybe they try to take over Earth and the Super Squad has to fight back.

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