Monday, May 25, 2015

Another Year, Another Creepy Calendar!

It's Memorial Day, so who cares about blogs?  Anyway, by the time I finally got a place to live, my previous year's calendar was out of date, so eventually I decided to make a new one.  As I have for the last few years, I thought I'd go to Shutterfly and make a calendar of my Sims.

Predictably I used my Transformed series of stories as a basis for this year, with a few extras thrown in since I ordered it for 18 months (starting in May) so it'll be good for a while.  So here are the pictures:

Transformed Into a Little Girl

Transformed Into a Schoolgirl

Transformed Into a Whore

Transformed Into a Geek Girl

Transformed Into a Dominatrix

Transformed Into a Goth Girl

Transformed Into a MILF

Transformed Into a Bimbo

Transformed Into a Cougar

Transformed Into a Bride

Transformed Into a Pregnant Girl

Transformed Into a Maid

Transformed Into an Asian Girl

[Not created:  Transformed Into a Fat Girl.  I'm a jerk like that.]

A couple other ones included:

Transformed for Spring/Summer:

One Year As A Virgin:

Perfect Worlds:

Girl Power Series:

Boob panel!

Another Chance:

Another awesome year of creepy Sims!

The great thing is next year I can make a Sims 4 calendar!  Plus I get to torment you with Sims 4 pictures the rest of the year.  So far it's OK.  It's nice that it takes less time to load but I'm really pissed they took away the recolor feature on clothes, hair, etc.  Typical of EA to take away perfectly good features for no fucking reason, just as they always did with the NHL series of games when I used to play those.  Anyway, here's a first look at a Sims 4 Stacey Chance:

And here's the main character of the book I'm working on now, kind of a before-and-after:


  1. I didn't know there was a Sims 4. It does seem that the graphics are getting better with each upgrade. I just hope my daughter doesn't find out about this.

    1. I think the 4th one was released last fall but with a $60 price tag I couldn't afford it until it went on sale.

  2. To your dubious credit, they do look less creepy these days...

  3. The Sims has really upped it's graphical interface and that's what probably makes it unintentionally creepy because of "the uncanny valley."

  4. Sims don't look as "soulless" as they used to, so that's a good thing.

    That bottom goth girl looks like someone I know. That's pretty creepy.

  5. I look at all of these and think, boy, has Pat got a Sims fetish or what?



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