Friday, May 22, 2015

Movies! 5/22/15

It's nice Disney gave themselves 3 weeks between "Avengers 2" and "Tomorrowland."  I mean it'd be kind of stupid for them to compete against themselves, right?

Apparently "Tomorrowland" is directed by Brad Bird who did "The Incredibles" among other things like "The Simpsons" and stars George Clooney.  The description on IMDB says, "Bound by a shared destiny, a teen bursting with scientific curiosity and a former boy-genius inventor embark on a mission to unearth the secrets of a place somewhere in time and space that exists in their collective memory."

Personally, my flop detector has been going off since I heard of this.  I mean it's about George Clooney and some kid going to find old-timey sci-fi land?  Yeah, that's going to go over real well with today's youth.  Like about as well as "John Carter."  Which if you'll recall the only reason Disney's film division didn't get wiped out in 2012 thanks to "John Carter" was "Avengers 1."  So I guess they figure with #2 having made a billion dollars already they're playing with house money as far as this goes.

America might prove me wrong, but I think it's a concept that just won't catch on with the average popcorn-shoveling 13-year-old boy who drives the movie industry.

I think the only serious threat is "Poltergeist," the remake of the 80s horror movie, though most people probably remember the "Family Guy" spoof better.  I never saw the original all the way through.  I saw the lame third one that took place in Chicago's Hancock Building.  That was pretty damned lame.  Probably as lame as this remake will be.  Yet because it's horror (and a name brand!) people might go watch it.

Do you suppose though that the House of Mouse/Ideas should be concerned that Avengers 2 dropped to #3 after three weeks?  And got its butt kicked by "Pitch Perfect 2?"  Maybe the gravy train is starting to slow down.


  1. Tomorrowland looks like a wait for Netflix or Redbox...Ant-Man comes out in July, but I'm not sure it can pull it's weight.

  2. I've noticed that you tend to be right about movies that flop.

  3. With all the money they're throwing at Tomorrowland lets hope it does well. It's the only movie I'd watch this weekend which is strange considering it's a 3-day weekend. You'd think there would be a few blockbusters taking advantage of the extended weekend gross.

  4. A lot of my Disney loving friends have all said that Tomorrowland is really good so it might surprise you and do well. Personally I think it sounds stupid. And they picked one of the worst "lands" at the parks to make a movie about.

  5. Hey Pat,

    Yep, dude, I finally got here. Sorry about my, um, notable absence.

    Clooney has been in London promoting "Tomorrowland." Maybe that's going to be a curse on the film.

    Time to grab the popcorn and the shovel.




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