Thursday, May 14, 2015

Give Peace a Chance

Late last night (or early this morning depending on your point of view) I wrote a really great rant about Andrew Leon and even made a clever graphic.  Then this morning I deleted it and then this evening I decided to extend the olive branch of peace.

What changed?  Well it's like an old episode of "The Simpsons" where Bart gives Mr. Burns a blood transfusion and Homer expects a big reward only to receive a card.  He dictates a really angry letter, but Marge convinces him to not send it until he's slept on the matter.  Which he does and in the night his anger ebbs and the next morning he decides not to send the letter.  (But Bart does and then mayhem ensues before everything works out in the end.)

Anyway, I felt good after I posted the rant but then this morning I didn't feel like I needed it anymore.  I got it all out of my system, so there was no need to keep it around anymore.  And then I went out and finished writing a book.

After dinner I decided on what I could do to put an end to this stupid bullshit feud.  So here's the statement I drafted and emailed:
So here's my one and only offer for peace:
I've given all of your books on Goodreads 5 stars.
I've changed all of my reviews of your books on Amazon to 5 stars
And I've given all of the books my sister rated on Amazon 5 stars to mitigate the damage.
That's the best offer you're going to get because whether you choose to believe it or not, I can't force my sister to remove or change reviews.
Or I guess you can keep ranting on your blog until even Beer in the Shower is sick of it.
It's up to you.

I forgot to write in there but I think it would also be good to adopt my brother's suggestion of agreeing from that point on to have nothing more to do with each other in any way.  That would seem common sense, wouldn't it?  That is something that has been in short supply.

I probably could have worded things a little more delicately, but I'm not Henry Kissinger.  Anyway, I think that's more than fair.  I'm not asking him to do anything except stop ranting about me on his blog.  Seems like he's getting a pretty good deal if you ask me.

I figure I should post this here before next Wednesday he says I was doing all that just to trick people into thinking I didn't give him any bad reviews.  I'm making my motivations very clear and as I said, it's up to him to decide where things go from there.

Personally I'm just sick of it.  Even unemployed people have better things to do.  You know, like trying to become employed.

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  1. I was reading your posts in order so this was a very refreshing turn of events. I commend you as I'm convinced that this is the right approach. Honorable my man. I hope things continue in this vein.

    A hearty congratulations from me!

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Road trippin' with A to Z
    Tossing It Out



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