Sunday, January 20, 2013

Box Office Blitz: Week 2 Scores

OK, so the totals from IMDB are in now.  It was a stronger showing than I thought.  Time to tally up the scores.  Here were the top 3 movies of the weekend:

1.     Mama     $28.1M
2.     Zero Dark Thirty     $17.6M
3.     Silver Linings Playbook     $11.4M  (really?)

And now to calculate the scores.  Here's what I picked:
  1. Mama $18M (100 points)
  2. Zero Dark Thirty $15M (100 points)
  3. Broken City $10M (0 points)
So that's 200 points for me.

Here were Rusty's picks:
Mama: $23 mil (100 points)
Broken City: $19 mil (0 points)
A Haunted House: $16 mil (0 points)

That's 100 for Rusty.

Here's Andrew Leon's:
Mama - $22 mil (100 points)
Zero Dark Thirty - $18 mil (100 points)
Last Stand - $14 mil

So 200 for Andrew.

Now for Tony Laplume's:
1. Mama (100 points)
2. Zero Dark Thirty (100 points)
3. The Last Stand (0 points)

200 for Tony.  He has no chance in a tiebreaker.  Next time put some money totals in there, Tony!

Here were kahlanie's picks:
1 Les Misérables (0 points)
2 Life Of Pi (3D) (0 points)
3 Gangster Squad (0 points)


And Donna Hole's picks:
Broken City (0 points)
Mama (50 points)
Jack Reacher (0 points)

50 points for her.

So Andrew and I have 200 points.  That means it's time for the tiebreaker.  I picked "Mama" at 18M and Andrew picked it at 22M.  The final total was 28M which means Andrew was closer.  Thus Andrew gets 500 bonus points!

Here's what the scoreboard looks like after 2 weeks:
                       Wk 1  Wk  2    Total
PT Dilloway    700    200      900
Andrew Leon    100    700    800
Tony Laplume    100    200    300
Rusty Carl    150    100       250
Stephen Hayes    150    0      150
Michael Offutt    100    0      100
Maurice Mitchell50    0      50
Donna Hole    0    50        50
                     1350    1250    2600

I'm still ahead but by a slim 100 points.  I told you things could change quickly!


  1. I'm all for a good showing by Silver Linings. It's a really good movie. I'm also very surprised by it, though. I suppose the Golden Globes had something to do with it.

  2. I never heard of silver linings. It sounds pretty made up to me. What's funny is that I went to see the Auh - nuld flick that opened this weekend and didn't even remember to put that in my top 3 - which I would have except I forgot, and it wouldn't have mattered. January is a sucky month for this.

  3. I haven't seen any of those yet. I did go see "The Life of Pi," The Last Stand," and Les Miserables." All good.

  4. I didn't see the Silver Linings thing coming. It's an example of the Oscars giving a movie a boost, definitely.



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