Wednesday, January 2, 2013


If you followed me on Goodreads then you probably already knew this.  Tony Laplume at least found out.  So be as smart as him and pay attention to my Goodreads feed.  I'm just saying.

Anyway, since I put myself in charge of production, I have an actual release date this time.  February 12, 2013 is when Volume 2 of the Tales of the Scarlet Knight series comes out.

Volume 2 is called Time Enough to Say Goodbye.  If you read Volume 1, at the end two new characters are introduced:  Marie Marsh and the Watchmaker.  You also know Marie has a weird eye that can do some unnatural things.  In Volume 2 Marie and the Watchmaker use this eye of hers to unleash Hell on Earth.  Emma Earl, aka the Scarlet Knight, has to stop them, but to do so she has to sacrifice the people she cares about the most.  Ach, those sadistic choices superheroes always face!

And if that's not enough, Volume 3 will probably follow in March.


  1. I liked book three better. But that's not saying book two isn't awesome. Book three was "blow me out of the water" awesome.

  2. Awesome! Will you get all eight out this year?

  3. Um... SPOILER ALERT? For those of us who are only 10% through Book 2?

  4. Do the Michael Abayomi and have them all out in quick succession!!!

  5. It sounds like 2013 is going to be an exciting year for you. I wish you the best and hope you reach a million sales.

  6. Go forth and be productive Patrick :)




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