Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The New Blogging Schedule

OK, so now after giving the current lineup a lot of thought, I'll be shaking things up a little bit.  Not a whole lot, at least not at first.  If some things don't seem to be working, then I'll have to reevaluate the changes.  Anyway, here's the new lineup that will roll out starting January 7, 2013.

Comic Captions!
Monday:  Comic Captions.  This will replace the Phony Photos and yes it will run every week now.  (I've built up a decent stash of comics now to make that more plausible.  Maybe not every single one will be related to Batman either.  But I make no promises.)

Tuesday:  Two-Cent Tuesdays (NEW!).  This will replace the Two-Fer Tuesdays and basically it'll just give me a chance to be all Grumpy Bulldog once a week.  I'm sure it'll be easy enough to find something to be grumpy about once a week.

Superhero Trivia!
Wednesday:  I'm still going to rotate a couple of things here, mostly because I'm a cheap bastard and don't want to run the trivia contest every week.  Just a note for January:  even though the first Wednesday of January was the 2nd, I'm going to start counting with January 9 and then it'll straighten out in February.  Anyway, here's how it'll work now:
  1. First Week:  Phony Photos:  Basically this and Comic Captions switch places.  I actually have all twelve pictures picked out already.  I plan ahead!
  2. Second Week:  Superhero Trivia:  It'll work the way it did before.  But since no one seems to care about a set starting time, I'll just post it
    Everyday Heroes!
    whenever I feel like.
  3. Third Week:  Everyday Heroes:  Again it'll still work the same way.  I think it makes a good change of pace from all of my natural cynicism
  4. Fourth Week:  Recap (NEW!):  This will just recap stuff that's happened on the blog (in case you don't know) and also some mini-reviews of stuff I've read/watched that I don't feel like reviewing in-depth.
  5. Fifth Week:  Still just some random thing.  Maybe I'll get lucky and there'll be fewer 5-week months this year.
Thursday Reviews!
Thursday:  Thursday Reviews.  I'll try to find better stuff to review.  Again, I make no promises.

Friday Box Office Blitz (NEW!):  A little hobby of mine is to track weekend box office numbers even though I don't usually go watch movies, especially not the top movies.  Anyway, this will be a little guessing game where people can pick which movies they think will be the top ones and how much they will earn.  The ultimate winner gets $25!

Saturday-Sunday:  Still nothing, except the occasional guest post or something.  Nothing has shown me the weekend is a good time to post anything and have anyone see it, so I'll just continue to do nothing.  It's a lot easier that way.

If there's something you want to see or if you want to petition to keep a deleted feature, let me know.

Remember, it all starts January 7 with Comic Captions!  In the meantime, tomorrow is another BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!


  1. Another big announcement? I'll be waiting to hear about it.

  2. This looks interesting. If you keep it up for any amount of time, I'll be surprised. You change your schedule more often that Wal-Mart adjusts prices.

  3. In liking the new schedule. Comic captions are fun - even if I don't always participate.



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